On the Power of Presence

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Through mindfulness, we develop greater composure and a heightened sensitivity to nonverbal communication. Then, to the extent that we ourselves are present, we can radiate that same quality outward to the people around us. It is hard to be generous, disciplined, or patient if we are not fully present. If we are present and attentive, and our mind is flexible, we are more receptive to the environment around us.

– Judy Lief, “On the Contagious Power of Presence”


With meditation, one is able to conquer the deepest concerns, darkest fears, dwindled passions, and of course, discipline of the mind. There are those who are verbal speakers, visually gifted, kinaesthetically expressive, and perhaps the rare gem who is of all three but perhaps predominant in one depending on their state of body, mind, and soul. By integrating meditation into our daily lifestyle, clarity comes with ease, ease of heart comes effortlessly, and effortless happiness comes naturally.

Coming from a childhood and upbringing with not much verbal expression, it has been quite a journey to find my voice. When one is quiet, and thoughts dwelling in the mind, thoughts tend to go in circles – clarity comes and goes – so writing always was my go to to express my thoughts and emotions. In meditation about 8 months ago, I asked Spirit if it was possible, to send those who are wise, unconditionally loving, genuinely compassionate, expressive, and verbally gifted. So in recent months, I have connected with the most wonderful beings, who I am truly grateful for. They are all what I dreamed of of friends, and so much more. These are my karmic friends, who I recall from past lives! What are the odds! Manifestation is a powerful tool when used appropriately, and asked with concise and precise wording (it’s sort of like the 3 wishes of a genie).

By reacquainting with my soul friends, connecting with mirrors (those who are alike), and of course mirrors of the shadow (those who I am to see and to learn and grow from). It has truly been such an experience to observe; then to integrate what traits have resonated with me, of friends and acquaintances. Community love has been coming in waves, as I have been a hermetic being since a child – constant learning on this one. To have boundaries on what energies to spend time with, and what energies to let go (this goes for habits, thoughts, people, places..) The most significant part of connecting with human beings has been a verbal communication – which is not my strength. Small talk is awkward! Is it not? Hanging around big groups of people, and they are talking about other people, maybe celebrities, perhaps just throwing sentence after sentence into the pile of words in the circle… I am no good at this. And I am proud.

I have realized that I am mindful with how I use my energies, what I speak out loud, and who I spend my time with. I may be quiet at times, and perhaps laughing and smiling amidst my own silence – but I am thinking and not wanting to raise my voice to be heard. If there is competitive conversations, like its a game show to see who gets the laughs out of the one liners – that’s not me. And I am very proud to say that I stand my ground – not contemplating judgement or insecurities anymore. This is who I am, the quiet smiling one, who has blossomed to mindfulness. Through the discipline of meditation and energy exercises, we are all able to become mindful and content with who we are individually as human beings. I, for one, rather be the quiet smiling one than the rambunctious talker. How about you?


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