On Letting Go

What is it about the past that we get so fixated on? Why is it that we tend to look back on what mistakes we have made, and what we wish we had never done? Letting go and forgiving ourselves for our pasts is the key to moving on, right? Sounds easy to some, and for others certain memories linger and bring us to our knees. Whether it be a situation that has happened, where we wish we had thought, said, and/or done something different… It is never too late to transform the experience into a positive experience. This is why the present moment exists — it is never too late to say “I’m sorry”, it is never too late to connect with yourself or another person of that situation. Rather than clinging onto the past, we must change the old ways and forgive ourselves in order to move on effortlessly, and most of all, with the utmost compassion. Most of all, when we make room in our hearts and our minds from these personal doubts, insecurities, and worries – We are able to open up to the contemplate on global issues and see yourself as a part of the Earth and Cosmos.


It’s interesting how when we think we have challenged ourselves enough, and perhaps have also overcome many obstacles along the way, other memories and maybe some repressed insecurities arise. This is natural. This is powerful! This is the path of transformation and on our way to paint that once chaoticly abstract painting of our life, into a blank canvas or painting over some parts that the heart does not see fitting. At any moment in time, we are able to re-program our consciousness and move on from the past.

Our subconscious stores memories of the past, present, and future. When one opens up to the approach to live life mindfully and awakened to every breath – We paint the canvas of life with what the brilliantly expressive heart desires. Through reflection of the past, and allowing those memories, insecurities, guilt, and other sensations to be welcomed with compassion and love, perspective surely changes to a way of objectively seeing those moments. Has it re-occurred several times in this lifetime? Have you obsessed over the situation, only to realize that it really isn’t a big deal? Are you hard on yourself, and maybe more compassionate towards others? Have you ever noticed your friends, family, acquaintances, and passer-bys as mirrors of that situation or thought process? Are you able to forgive others as easily as you are able to forgive yourself? Do you hold grudges? Perhaps you’re the analytical type who thinks too much, and needs to feel more from the heart? These are some questions to ask yourself when reflecting on situations, insecurities, guilt, and any other sensations you have experienced.

When in meditation, a time to gradually empty your mind of worries, suffering, guilt, and what some call the “7 deadly sins” — Your subconscious will either unravel thoughts that have been repressed or put aside, and maybe even you are overwhelmed by the vast chatter of several topics. Remember, during meditation, the focus is to come to resolution, clarity — onwards to happiness, compassion, and mindfulness. If you are overcome by various thoughts, breathe deeper into your heart, and do so until your mind becomes more quiet. Come back to the stillness after your breathing exercise, and check in with yourself again to see what arises. At this time, you will most likely have your subconscious prioritize the monkey mind to what is most importance. When you are able to hear the internal dialogue, allow the thoughts that are not something to worry anymore — express your compassion and love as you observe these thoughts — then allow this thought to fall away. Visualize this worry or guilt to blow away in the wind. Maybe you see it wash away from the rain and evaporate. Figure out what visualization works for you. The more you practice this sort of meditation of letting go of the “monkey mind” or the overwhelming unravelling of thoughts — your meditation will become more quiet, effortlessly.


If there is a thought that persists, observe the physical world around you. What external influences are surrounding you? Are they mirrors? Are they of positive influence to find inspiration of the persisting thought? If you believe in Spirit/God/Creator, perhaps your spiritual guides too — they send messages to us in subtle yet obvious ways — keep your ears open, your eyes to observe, and your mind open to infinite possibilities of hints to overcome hurdles. We are constantly assisted by the higher realms, guiding us to what our hearts desire. Maybe you’d like to contact your spirit guide, and ask for assistance. Ask a question for guidance. I promise you, you will hear it, feel it, see it, smell it, in some way or another (friends, family, nature, music, writing, clouds, tea, inanimate objects….)

And most importantly of all, believe that you are exactly where you should be at this very moment in time. You are perfect as you are. You are ever-expanding to transformation. You are the master of your life, painting the cavas as you wish. Through the processes of letting go, it helps to meditate and to write, draw/paint, sing, record speaking, to express yourself at that very vulnerable state. You’d be surprised what your heart communicates to you.

Let go of the ego, the pride, and allow vulnerability to take you back to the nostalgia of your childhood. We are never too old to overcome past situations, long-term doubts and insecurities. Allow your heart to speak to you, in the most honest ways. When you let go of the Ego, your Higher Self/all-knowing Self will converse with you compassionately and will help you make sense of anything which arises in your mind.

And ultimately, you will begin to notice the interconnectivity of yourself with your global community. You may even notice that a lot of what you had been worrying about was actually something you are able to laugh about. Let the process take you on your personal journey – You will be surprised of accelerated progress on your social life, emotional standing, career changes, and expansiveness on other topics of life! Peace in Oneself, Peace in the World. When you are able to live in a gloriously happy place, your external influences will follow in your footsteps — the Butterfly Effect 😉 Laws of Attraction!

With all of my love and blessings to you,



For more information: Please feel free to contact me via email or facebook. I am more than happy to respond to you! And also, Skype conversations are available too (book appointment via email).



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