Taking the plunge into cold waters, Climb the highest mountain – Transform Your Life

I just had the privilege of spending 2 weeks in Arizona with my family. During this time, it was consecutive days of transformational days. Overcoming fears, insecurities – something that felt like it may take a while to conquer. What helped me with the momentum of taking the big leap: Diving into cold waters.


The pool was cold to the touch. No matter how hot it was outside (near 40 degrees Fahrenheit), the desert heat exasperated my Northwestern adaptation. I had to get into the water. The mind creates this concept of hot or cold. The mind perceives something desirable or not. In this case, my body and mind was somewhat disoriented. “I want to be in water, but it is too cold”. I stood in front of the pool – heartbeat accelerating in waves. Why? I stood there for a brief 3 minutes, then my Higher Self contacted me:

Dearest, why be nervous of cold waters? Once you get in, how do you know you will not enjoy the chillness against your skin? Until you are in, you are left wondering. Jump in. Life is full of obstacles, fears, worries… but until you try, you do not experience the relief of finally conquering the fears, finally facing the obstacles, and finding resolution. You have dreams you wish to fulfill, you have obstacles to vanquish. Triumph feels sweet. And you also may realize the water may be really cold. But until you jump in, you will be left wondering, “But what if?” So a take this leap of faith. 

When my Higher Self was finished speaking to the human mind, I jumped in immediately. And how the water felt astonishingly refreshing. Indubitably a wondrous celebration within my heart. I am to face the insecurities and to soar with visions. How fulfilling it is in the end, and this is the way to know once and for all, was this desire something you thought it was or did it not live up to your expectations? You wouldn’t have known until you tried. And how I am so happy I did. I hope you try something like this, whether finally skydiving, finally facing that dog you had been scared of, finally singing in public, finally submitting your artwork to an exhibition, finally talking to that guy/lady who you have been admiring,finally cooking that recipe you thought you couldn’t do…. Try it. And the spiral upwards will supremely change your outlook and will spread those wings to fly high. Just try it. Anything. 

ImageSigning off, with lots of love, and many many blessings to you,




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