Life is too short to worry :) Live in Mindfulness

Your thoughts run around like a wild horse and your feelings jump about like a monkey in the forest. When the monkey and horse step back and reflect upon themselves, freedom from all discrimination is realized naturally.  

– Dogen

David Cody Evans-Galactic Butterfly

Life is too short to worry. Life is too short to have arguments.
Life is just too short to have negative thoughts and emotions, don’t you think?

When the mind starts to unravel, whether before bed, in meditation, in your yoga practice, at work, on a walk – Remember to go back to the question, “Does this thought serve me or others, for the better?” This is when you acknowledge the thought, without repressing. This is when you bring power to yourself of freedom of that thought, if it does not serve you for you and other’s highest good. Once becoming mindful of the thoughts, sensations, and emotions, you empower yourself to create the reality you wish for, and you will ultimately hear your Higher Self respond with an appropriate answer.

At times of frustration, worries, insecurities, and anger, mindfulness is the most important key to have in your heart in order to contemplate what is best for all parties involved. Next time you find yourself dwelling or maybe your monkey mind having it’s way with you – Return to mindfulness and awareness of what you mind is speaking – but to just push the thoughts, sensations, or emotions away, it will inevitably return again and again or perhaps with a vengeance.

If you have been getting into arguments with you beloveds, find your centre, ground your thoughts, and be okay in the midst of silence – this is when constructive conversation happens whether it’s just within you or with another person. With this mindfulness, you will know exactly what you wish to say, and how to portray your thoughts and emotions. And another thing, you may find that what square one of the argument began with was just silly. This way, you will have less arguments, less stress, less worries, and more loving-compassion for yourself and others.

Own up to your thoughts, sensations, and emotions.
Listen with your heart.
Speak with your heart.
Act with love and compassion.


Signing off,
Love, Maya***


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