5 Steps to Live Beyond the Pain Body ~ Feel the Power Within!

In many aspects of our daily lives, generally, we tend to lean towards easy or mediocrity (accepting jobs that’s just for the money, going to an event because you feel you have to, surrounded with friends who may let us down, feeling a certain way because it seems unchangeable…)  Why complacent when you know in your heart there is a better path for your happiness and fulfillment? Wouldn’t you rather line up, get strapped in, and feel the exhilaration of the roller coaster ride; than standing at the bottom hearing how amazing the ride was?

In our modern society, when one has just experienced a break up, let go from a job, loss of inspiration, trapped in the personal mind, etc… Whatever your version of traumatizing or painful experience, as human beings, we either fall to our knees, or see the situation as an opportunity of growth. In most cases, our minds tend to trap into negativity, repression, giving up, or maybe hiding away. As for relationships, some get tired of being alone, dating around, and going with the first person who seems like a maybe – But it takes patience and faith to finally acquaint yourself with your twinflame. So even for your career, it takes determination and faith to finally have the path reveal itself, and a bit more time to finally bask in your prosperity.

How important it is to Believe! 

Living in the pain body does not serve you, nor anyone. It becomes a habit and a crutch to remain where it feels safe or easy. We become lazy on taking the power into our own hands, to build confidence and ambition. When our first started off, she had no human beings polluting the planet, nor ripping her children out of the soil. Our planet experiences oil spills, deforestation, the inevitable climate change… Yet, she does not just give up – Her resilience is clear to all of us, and she continues to nurture our civilization nonetheless. She has been through a lot of pain and suffering. So, as how Mother Earth revitalizes and nurtures herself and human beings to the best of her abilities, we too should nurture ourselves when the pain body settles in, and in part, giving back to the Earth too.Image

So, what do you do? How do you go about overcoming the feelings of “failure” and negativity?
Here are 5 simple steps on How to Live Beyond the Pain Body:

1. Laws of Attraction: If you feel positive, you invite more positivity, more positive experiences, more positive people into your life. The more negativity you feel inside, the more negative experiences draw to you, more negative people – You end up setting up a psychic wall, blocking any prosperity to flow into your life. So, here’s an opportunity of growth to re-wire and re-train the mind: Respond with positivity towards negativity. When there is a negative person before you, respond positively. Maybe a negative situation just occurred, think on the positive side instead (the doors will open for you). Or in an event where you are feeling insecurity or self-doubt, speak to yourself lovingly, compassionately, and with an open heart – You will overcome your personal mind and feeling powerless or insignificant.

2. Write Your Thought Patterns: If it helps, write your thoughts down. Rather than getting stuck in a rut, or getting the monkey mind (ie: restless mind), writing your thoughts brings clarity to the situation. Could it be that you are worrying about something that can be overcome by Your Will and Determination? How are you able to conquer this situation from this moment on? And how do you wish to feel instead of what you are going through now? Writing in your journal daily brings your awareness to what you wish to accomplish, and is a roadmap to your utmost prosperity. Taking charge of your mind, rather than the mind controlling you, you realize the potential of where life can take you, and to hold the power in your heart that You Can Do It!!

3. Meditate Daily: In the morning, have a sit with yourself – perhaps a symbolic dream, set intentions for the day, visualize how you wish life to be in the near future, to gain clarity… Just bringing the awareness to your mind’s eye, you follow your intuition and foresight. You set the pace for the day. Either an energy booster, affirmations, relaxing the body and mind… The more you practice, the more you will get to know what works for you at appropriate times in the day. Starting the day mindfully, you will carry this power in your heart and have control over your personal mind.

4. Forgive Yourself: You’ve been trying your hardest to make dreams a reality, to fulfill what your heart wishes. We are our hardest on ourselves and the toughest critic, no? So if you are lighthearted with other’s “failures” then be compassionate with yourself. There is no reason to beat yourself up. You give it your all, you know your situation best. And if you haven’t been giving it your all, perhaps this is a wake-up call to get moving and not allowing yourself to create a block for your success and prosperity. Even in the most trivial times, know in your heart that when one door closes, another opens that is most suitable and beneficial for You. If you are passionate and still believe in it, determination is key. And most of all, compassion. The more your force life to go a certain way, the more you will be pushed. Life is to be lived with flow!

5. Let Go of the Situation: The past is the past, the present is Now, and the future is in your hands. Reward yourself for the efforts you have put into your life up to now! Look how far you have come! You are resilient! You can do it! Believe in yourself. Getting hung up in the “negative” situation does not help you move forward. As Bruce Lee once said, “Be Like Water, my friend.” No matter how rapids rivers can get, water always finds its way to the ocean. Even when there are big boulders ahead, water finds its way around. When there is a situation where you feel stuck or lost, imagine yourself as water drop in the river. How do you flow?

Now, it’s in your power to create the life you wish to live.
It’s up to you to be mindful of your own thoughts.

I wish you the best in your endeavours to re-train your mind for a positive and fulfilling life!


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