Honouring the Divine Feminine ~ the Goddess Within

Nothing is more powerful than a woman who knows her own strength.

Her strength doesn’t come from a false sense of self worth defined by pride or egotistical over confidence. Her power comes from her capacity to love and her ability to hold firm when the world tries to tear her down. She understands who she is and where her true beauty lies. She doesn’t buy into the consumerist culture which tries to make her feel incomplete and ugly without this or that product or accessory. Her self esteem never blinks. She knows she is beautiful from the second she wakes up to moment she falls asleep. Her mind is calm, peaceful, balanced. Her heart is fully open. She doesn’t let her negative past experiences harden and calcify her heart. She is wise and learns from her mistakes. With every heartbreak she becomes more compassionate and caring. Her heart is compassionate from learning from pain, not closed. She is a goddess, an empress, a lioness, a queen. She is royalty. She is the most valuable creation upon this Earth


Goddess Iris I am invoking you, Goddess of the Rainbow, the Sky,
Allow me to align with your power, for this new beginning to unfold.
You bring the rainbow, the calm after the storm,
Let me hear your messages and attune to your vibrations.
Connect me to the Gods, as a messenger of the higher realms,
As the sea touches the clouds, the earth, and the peoples,
Fill our bodies with this Divine White Light,
Creating prisms from within our hearts
Radiating healing, transformation, and courage.
I thank you, dear Goddess Iris, for your wisdom and healing powers.
Use me as your vessel from this day forth, eternally.

(Article Credit: Maya Lunastar of Bliss*Love*Light)


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