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Opening the Heart, Illuminating YourSelf and All of Existence

Hi friends!

Another posting up for any of you who resonate! I have created this guided meditation script to Open Your Heart and Illuminate YourSelf and All of Existence! We all know how powerful our hearts are. If you have heart Greg Bradden (from HeartMath) speak on the magnitude of the electromagnetic field, we all know the heart is 60 times greater power in the EEG than the brain! The heart is our engine. We must fuel the fire. We must tend the fire. And we must share the fire with others. So, with that, please take a journey through your inner being, aligning with your warrior heart. I will have an audio recording soon. I put this script up because sometimes, I feel it is best to hear and attune to your own voice, when you are in the heart-space of your Higher Self, Buddha Consciousness, Light Being… So feel free to use this script to record yourself. And find your Zen within your own Sacred Space.

Daniel Bholeman's "New Earth Dreamer"
Daniel Bholeman’s “New Earth Dreamer”


Hello again! Maya Lunastar of Bliss*Love*Light, here to guide you though this Meditation to Open Your Heart. What a beautiful way to start your day, or during the day, to activate your heart. By opening your heart, you invite limitless possibilities to unfold for you. You are the one with the key to enter through the gates of happiness, unconditional love, and abundance. You have the power to remove any blockages and thought patterns that do not serve you to be at your utmost greatest. It is time to cleanse yourself from the attachments of the ego mind, worries frustration, insecurities… and to welcome Your Higher Self to be in control of your physical body, which is the vessel which your spirit lives through. To dissolve into the Infinite Love which resides in the universe, each one of us on this planet, is a smaller part of the universe. We are the stars which exist in the boundless cosmos. But what’s most important is that the Universe lies within each of us.

In the theory of Laws of Attraction, like attracts like. Positivity brings on more positive experiences, positive people, positive paths to reveal itself before you. Living in the negative brings on more negativity, and thereby, creating blockages or psychic walls for yourself. So, would it not be best, if you were able to reflect positively, and react in a positive way, especially towards negative situation or people? Our thoughts are what create our own reality. Thoughts are forms of energy sent telepathically into the universe, which manifests as physical matter. So with this meditation, you will journey into the depths of your heart, your soul, your True Inner Spirit.

Find a comfortable sitting position, eyes closed. Your spine is straight, aligning your tailbone, spine, neck, mind’s eye, top of your head… Feeling a lightbeam shooting up into the universe. Breathe naturally, feeling the rise and fall of your stomach.

Place both hands on your lap, palms facing up, fingers together. Breathe.

Breathe naturally as you do, finding that inner stillness, mental chatter quieting… If you are having distracting thoughts entering your mind, blow it away… feel them dissipate into the air. Breathing deeply and slowly, relax your face, your forehead, … Smile!

Be present with yourself at this moment, grateful to have eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch, heart to feel… Breathe deep into this sense of gratitude, heart radiating appreciation to be alive. Our hearts are the center point in our physical bodies, and not only so, the midpoint between our beloved Mother Earth and Father Sky, who is our connection to the spiritual plane.

Breathe into the appreciation of your fully operating human body, the love you feel for yourself, which the unconditional love you feel for others… Breathe into the willingness of finding your inner peace, truly forgiving, and liberation from suffering… Inhale… smile, feeling that Knowingness in your heart you ARE present… Exhale through your mouth, smile, feeling relaxed and calm. Let go of all the tension which resides in your body, blow it away…

By surrendering the personal mind or Ego, you welcome your Higher Self, your Inner True Being to be in full control of your waking life. Once you do, you are relaxed, fluid, and truly free.

Feel your whole being, relaxed… Deep breath (ha~)… and Smile (pause)

When you feel ready, begin to breathe in through your nostrils and exhale feeding the fire in your stomach. Imagine a bonfire or maybe the sun in your stomach. The more breath you feed the embers, the more sparks, and the fire ignites BRIGHT and Illuminated from the inner core of your being. Keep breathing through your nostrils…

Bring your palms to your heart, palm on top of palm. Inhale unconditional love, happiness, compassion, oneness of the universe…. Exhale, unconditional love, happiness, compassion, oneness of the universe… Emanate and project your smiling heart to the planet and into the cosmos. Breathe… (pause)

With your eyes still closed, look up between your brows into your mind’s eye, your Third Eye. The All-Seeing Eye… Breathe deeply, finding alignment from your heart to your Third Eye. They work together as a divine partnership, to access your True Inner Soul, Your Higher Self.

Breathe deeply, and greet your Third Eye with a smile. You will feel a response in some way. Breathe through your nostrils and observe the sensations in your body.

Inhale… You are powerful, loving, and wise… Exhale… You are calmer… lighter, more relaxed.

Your heart glowing brighter, your aura becoming bigger… glittering…

With your palms still against your heart, connect now, to what you wish to telepathically project into the planet, and into the cosmos. Inhale, looking through your mind’s eye, and exhale, connect Third Eye to your heart. What do you wish to ask Spirit/Universe/Creator? What would wish to give gratitude for? Do you have a prayer in your heart? Perhaps some affirmations? Take a few breaths here with your heart. Feel free to speak outloud or send the message telepathically.


When you are ready, give gratitude to Spirit/Universe/Creator for the gifts that are in the making, for the gifts that have been received, for the appreciation you feel in your heart… (pause)

Now, breathe into your heart, feeling the warmth of your breath igniting the fire within. Your passion and love, illuminating your inner being, radiating out into the world. You are whole and complete… You are perfect as you are… You are exactly where you should be.

Inhale, “I am Love”… Exhale, “I am Loved”… Inhale, “I am Whole”…Exhale, “I am Complete”

Inhale, “I am Aligned”… Exhale, “I project my Inner Light”… Inhale, “I am a part of the Universe”… Exhale, “I am One with the Universe”.

Keep breathing and dissolve into the Universe… realizing your whole heart. your whole being is filled with all the stars in the cosmos. Your heart is generating a powerful electromagnetic field, by emitting this love and positive energy into the atmosphere, you illuminate to all those who have contact with you to feel this immense love and appreciation.


When you feel ready, begin to bring yourself out of the infinite space, and bring your awareness back to your physical body. Eyes still closed.

Breathing naturally now, begin to wiggle your toes and your fingers.

Inhale… close your hands into fists… Exhale… open your hands (x3)

Tilt your head from side to side… up and down… Roll your shoulders, up, back, and down…

Stretch out your legs, standing or sitting… wiggle your legs out… roll your ankles…

Inhale, stretch your arms upupUP to the cosmos! Exhale HA~ bring your arms down, the universe is in the palms of your hands… repeat this a couple times until you feel your shoulders are relaxed.

Sit here for a couple more breaths, and observe the sensations that are flowing through your body. You are now ready to go out into the world with an Open Heart, and emanating radiance and positivity.

Take this state of mind and heart with you throughout the day, and shine your bright light to all who come into contact with you. Illuminate the world with your smile, it could be your positivity that could brighten up someone else’s day.

Remember, you are able to take this audio with you wherever you go. The more you practice this Heart Opening technique, the more it will naturally, subconsciously become a part of you.

As Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche once said, “The way to rule the universe is to expose your heart.” When the ebb and flow of our heart diminishes, we feel separate from the vast world around us, a world in which everything breathes, pulsates, expands and contracts. Yoga, Buddhism and all spiritual paths are a map showing the journey back to the heart of the universe: Big Mind, Great Spirit, the Source of all that is. And the heart of the universe is, of course, always within our own hearts, if only we can be brave enough to feel its movement.”

Have a beautiful day! And thank you for tuning in to your heart.


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