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Called to Seek Guidance from Goddess Saraswati, “The Essence of Self”

The other day, I was listening to music with my headphones on the bus headed home. A quiet whisper, like a breeze through the trees… “Saraswati”… I looked around to see if anyone said anything. I had heard that name before and pulled that card in my Goddess Oracle deck before but I couldn’t remember a whole lot about her.  Without thinking too much into what I heard in my mind’s eye, it led me to further contemplate, “I haven’t been nurturing myself lately… What can I do for myself?” As I hummed to Bjork and next Bon Iver, I heard the name again, “Saraswati… Saraswati…” All I had were question marks encircling my entire being. “Hmm… I don’t know much about this Hindu Goddess… This transmission is for me, right?” No one seems to be in conversation around me on the bus… Hello?? I hop off the bus at my stop and walk under the stars.  One more time, “Saraswati”.

This morning, I sat in meditation setting an intention for the day, and asked for some guidance. This afternoon, I have been studying my textbook book for my Masters Degree, and once again, I heard “Saraswati… Saraswati~” but this time in a more musical, softer voice.  I take it Spirit is poking me, reminding me to look into her wisdom and ask for her guidance. So, here are some interesting facts I have learned about her today:


Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom, music, and all creative arts. Sara means “essence”; Swa means “Self” ~ The Essence of Self. She is also known as Vak Devi, the goddess of speech. In Hindu mythology, she is represented as the divine consort of Lord Brahma (the Creator of the Universe). As knowledge and wisdom is a significant part of Creation, Saraswati symbolizes the creative powers of Brahma. “In order to create the world and produce the human race, Brahma made a goddess out of himself. One half was woman and the other half was man. Brahma called the woman Gayatri, but she also became known by many other names as Saraswati.”

“As sister to the Sun God Surya, she fell so much in love with his brilliance that she chose to dissolve herself and became a sacred mantra dedicated to him. Just like the famous Gayatri mantra, the goddess Gayatri is considered the mother of all Vedas. In her hands she holds symbols Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.”


She is dressed in white (purity, divinity, knowledge). With her four arms (denoting omnipresence, omnipotence): front two arms (her activity in the physical world), two back arms (her presence in the spiritual world). She prominently stands/sits on a white lotus, representing supreme knowledge. Sometimes the lotus is pink, which represents unconditional love and compassion. Her four arms represent the four elements of the inner personality (front right hand : mind, front left hand : intellect, back left : conditioned consciousness, back right : the ego ). She holds a mala, palmleaf scroll (knowledge), riding a white swan or peacock (supreme knowledge), playing music on her veena.

“Saraswati also stands high in yoga, as Sushumna channel through which the Kundalini energy may rise upwards. Through breath control, the solar and lunar energies are merged into the neutral Kundalini energy. The lunar channel is symbolized as the river Ganga, riding the crocodile. The solar energy is the Yamuna goddess and river, while the central neutral channel is Saraswati. The upward flow of Kundalini through the central Saraswati channel then pierces the chakras and brings liberation.”


Gayatri-Pranam gayatrimantra2

Now I get it. After a day of connecting with her divine presence in meditation and then researching about her — I get why I was being transmitted.  I am grateful for these moments that often is very hard to put to words… But perhaps you have had experience(s) like this too?  Flashes of visions, deja vu, a song that you had never heard of… I’d love to hear your experiences!  Feel freeeee to share below in the comment box or to share your story by email!  This is a sacred space for all the share, I hope you know that.  And, you are not alone, my friend.



Gayatri Mantra: http://shanti-phula.net/intl/mg/purify-gayatri-mantra/


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