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Fully Nurturing Your Heart, Body, and Soul

Good morning!

It has been a long time since I last posted, reasons being, I have been going through major realignments and transformation! My beloved and I have cut the ribbon to our relationship, we are onto rediscovering our sense of Self, our focus/mission for living this life, and to reconnect with our passions. When one is in a new romantic relationship, it is easy to get comfortable, to feel dependency, to lose track of days… Maybe, soon losing contact with our Self, our passions, our fire. If you haven’t lost your personal flow, I give an astral-highfive! Well done!

Since I was a little girl, I believed that Prince Charming is out there. I wrote short stories, poems, lyrics… Painted pictures of my ideal life. But really, I should have been connecting with mySelf. So still till this day, I wish upon a star for my eternal twinflame. Recognizing that we all have phases, transformation, and evolve shedding more layers of the old self – We meet one another at divine moments, and sometimes we grow out of one another. New adventures, newfound goals…

Like the Tree of Life, we start as a seed beneath the Earth, incubating in the soil. Birth of a seedling, nourished by the sun and rain, by surrounding vegetation. Years later, becoming shapely of a tree with a couple branches and pinecones, a teenager experiencing the world, finding resilience from the winds, storms, and maybe even being stepped on. As the Tree gets bigger and bigger, branches grow, exploring the space we have been blessed with, maybe taking detours of experience what life has to offer us. These detours are our experiences, people we meet, lessons learned. Even if a forest fire comes, the Tree, resilient, able to find nourishment from the soil, is able to receive nurturing to grow once again. The Tree does not know storms and wildfires are coming, or that a person may cut them down… They are aware that it is happening. We human beings are intuitive beings, intelligent, and vigilant. We are able to recognize when we are not on path, when we are disconnected, when we are brainwashed, when we are not surrounded by positive influences. So ask yourself this & visualize: What sort of tree are you? What sort of environment do you grow? What types of vegetation is around you to receive nourishment. How many branches do you have? Have you been scorched by wildfires? Have you been cut down to a stump? Do you have friends nesting in the branches? Are you decaying? Are you planted in a pot? Are you being pruned and trimmed to what is expected of you? Or are you growing naturally with abundance of space for your rootsystem and branches? Are you a lone tree or do you have several trees around you flourishing and swaying in the breeze?


The more I visualize myself as a tree, what I have come to realize is, I seek out romance to fulfill my heart. Losing track of what my life purpose is, because of fear to accept and take action. To remain comfortable in a “normal” life – imagining a family, house, dog, and job. I am a Redwoods Tree (Sequoioideae) – Ambassador of the Earth. I have been cut down once before, I have endured storms, forest fires, air pollution, loggers… Fearing the humans yet still believing that there is hope. And I have tannic acids that protect against fungal rot. I am flame resistent. As much as I miss my ground friends from the various fires, I am able to drink up the nourishment from the Earth. Lightning has struck before, yet I stand tall today.

It is incubation time. To assess my gifts and to explore them with a new perspective and faith in my heart. To find grounding within the soil to nourish my body, heart, and soul. I see that I do not have complete Self-Love and Self-Confidence in who I am, and so I embark on this new chapter, growing yet another branch to expand and grow even taller. This is truly a significant time of my life. Not just for me, but for all of us on this planet! We are recalibrating to what our soul seeks out! (And if you believe in karmic contracts before birth, to align with the contract that was agreed upon before taking the first breath!) To rise above the fog and be prominent in my presence, like a lighthouse in the darkness.

As 2013 draws a close, opening new possibilities and limitless happiness, evermore in 2014.
We all know that New Years Resolutions do not “work”. So, how about using the Moon Cycles to stay on top of our intentions, and to check up on ourselves with our progress? There are so many questions we ask ourselves daily, which, sometimes, do not end up having an answer to. Pick up a notebook and a pen. Jot down what you always have wished of doing. A dream you once had as a child? Perhaps something that has been feared? Maybe it is a repression that has been withheld for a long time. Whatever questions that arise for yourself, the dreams that reappear before you – Remember to have patience, compassion, and forgiveness. We are human beings with emotions, with conscience. But the courage, strength, and determination lies within the fire of your soul. And once aligned, all will manifest accordingly.






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