Snippet of “Nourishing the Soul” (Current book in Process)

Hello Beloved friends!

I have been working on a book, to be released in the next couple months – geared towards those who suffer from depression and/or anixety, people with eating disorders, dissociative disorders. After 22 years of enslaving myself within the depths of my monkey mind, I set myself free with a simple routine of Honouring My Self. 

These practices are still incorporated into my waking days. It all becomes a lifestyle. Meditation becomes integrated into every moment of the day. Again, below is just a portion of the book. Just the basic 5 elements which will help uplift, invigorate the subtle energy fields, and reawaken your heart to happiness.


So here is a little snippet below. It may seem very congested with, perhaps some new terminologies, and new ideas. Trust me, give it a chance. I guarantee you that with these simple practices, Your life with be transformed, and you will find healing and expansion from the growth process:


Eventually, we realize that our beloved Mother Earth has so much to offer us. Our mass media is full of censorship, fear, and not transparent. The conventional foods are full of GMO’s and preservatives. The air we breath in the city is full of carbon monoxide and other harmful pollutants. But the most beautiful part of it all is, that we are empowered beings, able to take charge of our own well-being.  

Our society has diminished our internal dialogue with music, movies, shopping, food, partying, news, illnesses… In various religions, followers look to God for guidance, that He is the All-Mighty, Omnipotent figurehead. We are to seize this sort of thinking, and look back on scriptures, of how prophets have clearly remarked that God is Within Us, and the Universe is Within Us. Our innate wisdom and knowledge is all within our imprint. All we have to do is Remember. It sounds so easy, because it really is! Life becomes meditation. Life becomes magical. Life Be-Comes abundant in various ways. It comes down to whether that person is open to receive the abundant flow of the Universal Life Force Energy (prana, ki..) To acknowledge that Infinite Life Force and to bring it into our Being. 

5 Most Important Rituals to Incorporate into our Daily Lives:

*These practices are to enhance the well-being, and in part, finding the root cause of ailments, psychological concerns, mental thought patterns, and to reside in the deeper consciousness in waking life. 

#1) Mindful Meditation

We tend to live in very chaotic societies – Modern living consists of waking to the day, working for financial security, consuming foods and substances, vibrant social activities, prevalent technology in our palms… These are all vibrational factors which contribute to one’s own individualized vibrational frequency. Meditation is what brings forth inner peace, deep intentions, connecting with the Universal Life Force Energy, with Mother Earth, with ourselves. By sitting quietly in utter stillness, one is able to quiet the monkey mind (unravelling mind) and enter a sacred space of quietude and contentment. Resolutions and epiphanies. Negating stress and transmuting positive ions (from pollution and technology). Connecting with the depths of symbolic meanings from dreamtime. To breathe mindfully throughout the day, filling our minds with positivity, deep intention, and communicate kindly. By starting the day with a mindful meditation practice, the hours to come brighten with the illumination of the heart and Third Eye. Our consciousness is open and receptive for opportunities, lessons, and happiness. Our subconscious is cleared of negative thought patterns, tension in the body, and negating dark dreams to become meaning-full. 

#2) Vibrant Foods, Medicine of the Earth

“You are what you eat” is absolute truth. Our bodies are our temples. We must honour what our body craves, we must honour our body with nutrients, vibrant colours, and aromatic flavours. The Earth gifts our human race with abundance all around. It comes down to how we utilize these tools for the benefit of our well-being. What substances do you put into your body? Do these substances affect parts of your organ? Perhaps your nervous system? Why do you ingest these substances, whether sugar, salts, alcohol, caffeine, drugs? Compensating with internal substances is a dangerous habit. As much as drugs and alcohol are detrimental to one’s health, so is loads of sugar and salt intake.  

#3) Optimistic, Positive, Passionate Outlook

When one is distraught within the depths of the mind, it would be similar to being caught in a tornado. By stepping outside of that tornado, and into the abyss of surrendering to positivity – Perspective can alter the state of mind to where challenges transform into opportunities. Challenges are like locks, and our consciousness is the key to the issue/thought. By opening oneself to the potential of receiving abundance, lessons, and resolution – the Universe is able to draw to you exactly what is being projected from within. According to the Laws of Attraction, “like attracts like”, positive draws in more positivity; negativity attracts slews of negativity from the external world. If one’e thought patterns are run on negativity, these thoughts are already materializing more negative experiences. Whereas, if one’s thought patterns energize on higher evolved thinking to push forward with momentum and determination, the Universe opens up the channels of abundance to flow into our lives. 

#4) Subliminal Messages in Media

A very important point to point out is subliminal messages. They are everywhere. Since our first breath out of the womb, our minds are programmed with our descendant’s imprint, and in part, our current society. Mass media has subliminal stimuli within the content, targeting our subconscious minds (ex: violence in movies, fear-instilled news, rail-thin models on the runway). The government and corporate companies invest millions of dollars in subliminal messages, of course they will spend ridiculous amounts of money on manipulating thought patterns at the subconscious level. As Alan Watts says, “Free Your Mind!” Go against conventional television, radio stations, mainstream news, mass produced magazines, clothing, food…  As human beings, we have free choice, free will, conscience to make decisions for ourselves. Rather than responding to our compulsive habits, conditioned into the subconscious mind – to reclaim the mind and taking charge of what radiates into our beingness. And of course, to expose ourselves less to electromagnetic radiation (television, cell phones, microwaves…) as these frequencies embed into our energetic frequency. This goes for the music that one listens to – Certain genres, certain notes emit a certain kind of vibration. Nikolai Tesla paved the way for science to prove that everything is make up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Since we are also made up of energy, all external frequencies affect us, beneficial or harmful. To be mindful of these emitting vibrations is key.

#5) We Are Divine Beings, Multidimensional Beings Living Human Existence

Finally, a quote which hit hard for me at a time of complete darkness: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) Hypothetically speaking, say something awful just happened. The being has two choices: to respond negatively -or- to respond with peace and neutrality. Perspective is fundamental to taking lessons for further evolution of the mind. To keep repeating the same event over and over with the same upsetting result, is insanity. By acknowledging a repeating situation and to re-route the pattern to a new experience is expansion, re-training the mind, re-programming. Day-to-day interactions with strangers, friends, family, animals – all of which are mere mirrors of our own individualized existence. Person A notices Person B’s habit to be absolutely “annoying” when Person A does the same habit every day. How about: Person A has a drinking issue and Person B has a sugar-indulgence issue – People are sent, like divine intervention, to expose truths and for us to take lessons. Everything is Connected. We are taught to treat others how we would like to be treated. We are taught to share with others. Because essentially: You are Me, I am You, the Universe with Within Me, I am Within the Universe. 

Interactions with the Self and with the external world is all in reciprocity. So treat yourself with kindness, respect, unconditional love, compassion. To believe that there is no deadline to happiness, and that we create our own limitations. That we have the power within to change our perspective around like a light switch. Like a computer, our mind decides whether to reboot, or perhaps to completely restore all settings to a clean slate. When all the parts within our being is aligned and synced up, working appropriately, and cooperating with all other parts within – Only then is our brilliant divine machine able to work the way it is created to. 

As Gandhi once said, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World”. What is in the external world, (corrupt forces, selfish institutions, chaos, violence, etc) is much more difficult to change. But what is within our own being is something we do have control over. And that is empowerment. Finally liberating ourselves from limitations, blockages, and being emprisioned by our own minds. With the practice of meditation, the shadow-side/ego-mind, is able to make way for clarity, healing, positivity, Oneness, and above all, happiness.


Stay tuned for the book, available in 2 months or so. 
If you wish to be notified as soon as the book is launched, please email me at blisslovelight@gmail.com with your name, phone number, email address 🙂


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