My First Born Experiences

Wow… Hello!

It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote. How is everybody?  Happy 2016 and year of the Fire Monkey!  So much has happened since I last wrote, a lot of traveling, and a whole lot of transformations within me.  I hope you’ve had a productive year so far  🙂   Onwards to becoming even more happy and at peace.

I am taking a hiatus off this site but will periodically write when the moment feels right.  As of now, I am in my 26th week of pregnancy!  WOOOO~!!!!  I was told at 18 years old by my family doctor that I’d “never be able to get pregnant” as I was dubbed “infertile” after putting my body through too much stress (eating disorders mostly for too long).  But here I am, sitting here with a ever-growing belly.

So, I am going to be writing on my newly published site at Wholistic*Mamma if you wish to follow along.  A lot will have to do with pregnancy, changes within, metaphysical practices, wholistic remedies, and just all-around wholesome living.  So whether you are male…female…pregnant…not pregnant…maiden…mother…crone… there is definitely no discrimination for the site.  I would continue to keep posting here, but as this is my professional holistic practitioner’s page, I feel more inclined to have another site created 🙂  So if you wish, follow my blog Wholistic*Mamma!

There will be postings such as:

  • Rites of Passage
  • Nutrition
  • Recipes
  • DIY’s
  • Natural remedies
  • Metaphysical practices, rituals, ceremony…
  • Mantras, Meditation, Affirmations, Prayers
  • About hypnobirthing, self-reiki, aromatherapy, gems & crystals…
  • Resources such as videos and documentaries
  • …and sooooooo~ much more!!



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