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Hypnobirthing Meditation

Hey there!

Here is a guided meditation for pregnancy and birthing!
After some time of a hiatus, I have created another recording since there have been some requests!  Thank you to those who have sent feedback and showed support by downloading my previous meditation audio.  And those who have sent in requests 🙂 It is SO greatly appreciated to hear from you!

Since I had a tough time finding any on youtube that felt aligned with what I was looking for, I made one myself.  If you have any suggestions, feedback, and/or requests for more — Please do not be shy to contact me directly at blisslovelight@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

If you follow the link to Soundcloud, there should be a download link.
Feel free to download and upload to your iPhone or iPod — I suggest listening in the morning, during the day, AND before bed.  But that is entirely up to you!  Find some time to talk to your baby and also, some time for quiet reflection and visualization 🙂

Om Shanti.  Namaste.


Photo taken by me : Panayawan Falls, Port Barton, Philippines (2015)

PS: if you are interested in seeing more on natural birthing and inspiration, recepies, etc – follow my other blog Wholistic*Mamma – Hypnobirthing




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