I love you Oxytocin

This love hormone… I’m head over heels.

I’m so glad I did quite a bit of reading on Oxytocin before my birthing day.  Otherwise I think I would have been in labour for another 28hrs hahaha!!!  For those who didn’t read My Birth Story (you are totally not obligated to by the way) ~ at the 25th hr into labour, I was offered an IV of Oxytocin to accelerate the birthing process (not used to relieve any pain by the way).

You type in Oxytocin on google, the first thing that comes up is,
“Oxytocin is a hormone, neuropeptide, and medication. As a medication, it is used to cause contraction of the uterus in order to start labor or increase the speed of labor, and to stop bleeding following delivery.” (Wikipedia)


Before this IV, I knew of Oxytocin as the “love hormone” or the “feel good hormone”.  I knew it as a hormone released during hugs, cuddling, during/after sex, breastfeeding, and helps with accelerating labour… Did I mention, I love this hormone?

If you’d like to know the difference between Pitocin vs Oxytocin, here is an awesome resource to visit.

Life is meditation. 20 weeks into pregnancy, I started focusing on reaaaallllyyyyy deepening my meditation practice once again to naturally release Oxycontin…. I practiced visualizations to release the oxytocin as well. The last thing on my mind was to be IV’d with anything at all but now I look back and I am so grateful to have had that IV assistance.  I also feel that without my meditation practice I had before and especially during pregnancy, labour would have been absolutely dreadful – I know that the Oxytocin was flowing with the deep breaths and being deeply connected with my body and with Stormrider. I was no longer scared. I was deep in a trance state.

Meditation once again guided me through a difficult phase in my life.  Birthing wasn’t necessarily “difficult” but an opportunity to use what I learned through meditation – Remaining calm, breathing deeply, and to fill my heart with deep compassion (it’s not Mahlekai’s fault he got tired and fell asleep when I was 9cm dilated! hahaha)

My beloved and I hug often. It’s one of my favourite moments with him. I tend to feel a high overcome me. Since Stormrider has joined us in the outside world, pretty much the entire day is filled with hugs and breastfeeding.  Therefore, my days are filled with Oxytocin!!!! WAHOOOOOoooo~~~ I see why mama’s keep giving birth!  Keep the oxytocin flowing!! I have never felt so happy ALL.THE.TIME.


And I’d like to close this blog post with this final pondering.


Don’t forget to share the love and hug your community with all of you.





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