Made with Love (DIY's), Motherhood

New Changes! Thank you to my regular readers!

Life is so beautiful, isn’t it?


I feel absolutely blessed to have this amazing little family. I cannot express this feeling of gratitude so I’ll use a metaphor :  Like a bee finding the most delicious nectar.  I feel I’ve won the lottery (winning the lottery would be awesome too though!)

With so many curve balls getting thrown at me. With so many changes that constantly detoured me to various directions – I feel I’ve finally found the smooth road of freedom and happiness.  When I was a little girl, I thought life would be over by my 20’s.  I thought I would have changed my residency to heaven and reincarnated to a hummingbird. Never did I image to make it this far (yes, I am aware, I’m only 28… but to a girl between 14-20 years old, it’s a long ways). Fast forward to present day, being a new mama, I have some time to do some projects from home.

In recently months, I’ve been pondering how to acquire some land and to actually get the retreat center materialized. So I thought, why not post my ideas and what I’ve learned here? I’m sure there are tons of other people who are looking to move into the countryside to be fully self-sufficient. That’s the new world we live in now!

This blog is now dedicated to, no only share insights from my meditation practice, but also to expand out the branches to sharing about metaphysical living, sustainability, motherhood, and wholesome living. I definitely do not want to be another “Mom Blog” so this will be a more eclectic blog. Hopefully I am able to shed some light on topics and how-to’s to a new dimension for you (as well as myself!)

cropped-img_9949.jpgIf you would like to request topics for me to touch on.
If you have any feedback at all, please contact me directly at
I love hearing from my readers!  It is such a lovely gift to hear from you! It really, truly is!

And I’d also like to thank you readers for visiting. I also know of the many who have been regular readers, almost since the beginning of this blog! So I thank you with all of my heart.


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