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Babies trip out~ Visual Stimulation

During pregnancy, I was looking at various Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio styles of education to slowly introduce to Stormrider. I read that it’s good to begin as early as a couple weeks after birth! So we have started trying some visual and auditory stimulation with him since then. We wanted to keep it natural and simple – without all the plastic gadgets and unnatural products that you see floating around at the big baby shops.

Here’s my Pinterest board for Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio. Feel free to browse around at the ideas that inspire me! There’s so much wealth of knowledge out there for us to explore – and to attune it to how we, as parents, are and want to welcome our child(ren) to the world!

Stormrider is 2 months 2 weeks tomorrow. He has been loving the black and white mandalas I handpicked out of the plethora of designs floating around in the world wide web. I’d love to share some with you. Maybe you’ll get inspired as well!

1 month: He was more interested in our faces. He likes the sliding glass window divider between our living and bedroom. He also loves shiney things.

Later in the month: He was getting interested in the black and white mandalas.

2 month: He’d climb higher on our shoulders to look at the black and white mandalas, taped onto the wall where we sit on the couch. He’s now getting more interested in bright colours! Just google “mandala simple” and sift through: Print & Colour for your baby (and for you! Colouring is a form of relaxation and meditation. Colour therapy!)

 I’m starting to prepare more colours for him to trip out on. He also loves the tie dye shawl – it’s my scarf, his blankie, his trip out blankie. I highly recommend tie dye!

We went into a forest path to look for some branches and pinecones to make him a mobile (seeing as the ones for sale we either too plastic and manufactured, or the wooden ones which seemed too costly for what it was. So we decided to make our own! I’ll be uploading that when it’s all done with the process. For now, we’re keeping it ultra simple.



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