Natural Birth Plan

New mammas!
Or perhaps this’ll be your second… third… fourth baby coming &
maybe looking to change your birthing style this time?

How is your through this pregnancy (vision quest) so far?

Are you maybe envisioning a natural birth for you and baby?


I cannot suggest it enough to have the most natural and organic birth.  It’s for the best for you and for baby!  (I do emphasize, on the birthing day, not everything goes the way you wish so be open-minded when creating your birth plan!)  Another thing to really read on is medications during pregnancy and labour.  Please please please, if you are considering medications and other aspects of the birth plan, I urge you to do read on the affects on you and baby, during and after the birthing.  Pain management interventions are so common these days, we as blossoming mamas, are growing a baby in our bellies to embark on this journey of birthing, naturally.  onewaveatatime

We are created in such a beautiful way that we are absolutely capable of birthing a baby (well, of course, there are women with exceptions)! I feel that I have heard so many mothers are too scared of the pain and result to c-sections.  Vaginal, unmedicated births are done since the dawn of time! Therefore, you can too!  Our bodies are Ahhhhhhh~mazing!!!!!  It only hurts for a short while and when baby is blasting out, it’s all worth the pain, you know?   You will not only be so very proud of yourself but the connection you feel to your baby will be that much more immense and profound.

There are plethora of ways to work through the surges/contractions when you do begin the journey into birthing. Don’t be afraid. Be courageous. Be the warrior that you are.
Allow your body and baby guide you through the vision quest.

Below is a lovely site I came across when I was brainstorming our birth plan!  It lists basically everything and more – Things you may or may not have pondered yet.  It’s good to start contemplating and researching early on, and to know what you want to visualize for your birth day.  Try not to have expectations and assuming everything will go your way because you never know!  Have options on your birth plan for special circumstances.  (I’m glad that I had because our boy was born almost a month early and in the *deep sigh* hospital.  It took me a lot to hold back my tears but you know what?  As long as baby comes out safely and is healthy, that is all that matters!)  So if you are more of the stubborn-type, practice letting go and your breathing exercises! Definitely start shopping for the doctor, midwife, and/or doula who is most aligned with your vision. It’s good to be open-minded with your birth plan. On that divine day, it may go in all sorts of directions. Make sure you are not 100% attached to the plan. Be flexible.

May I introduce you to the Earthmama Blog


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