Inspiring Women ~ Maria Camille on Reinventing Herself

This article really hit home for me.

I had the privilege of getting the okay to share her post with you. I’d like to invite you to read an excerpt, and if you are keen to read on, please visit Maria Camille’s Medium page for more eye-opening writing.


From Mafia Wife to Nomad Entrepreneur
7 Key Lessons I learned for Reinventing Myself

This article blew my mind. It really, truly did. Not only is her style of writing so clear and tight, but the words that fill the article is absolutely inspiring. Where she started and traveling with her through her vision quest of life. If you are an entrepreneur, in school, just graduated, a mother, a traveler… Any period in your life, this article paints you a picture that will definitely rev your engine. It’ll help you fuel your fire, if perhaps you feel you have somehow lost your way over time. And most of all, if you feel stuck at all… This article will hold out a hand and help you back onto your feet.

I was growing an entrepreneurial spirit, and started working different gigs and starting cool ventures and adventures worldwide.

I failed often.

Failures became like the mystical sage teaching me lessons. I grew depth through living karmas of lifetimes.


When you contemplate that big change in life — like the scariest thing you are facing, well, I think this is the time you should go travel. Alone!

Once my high-adrenaline pursuits had ended, I realized the true essence of my journey emanated from the experiences which were achieved through falling and rising; from failing and then achieving new learning. That is what mastery is built on and where the alchemy of knowledge comes from.

Through many diverse experiences, the raw reality of survival in tough situations brings out the soul’s fundamental strengths and weaknesses. The driving force has to be a balance between the heights that you reach inwardly and outwardly, physically and spiritually.


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