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Water Droplet Meditation

The conscious breath can be a brief couple minutes or an extended amount of time.
Throughout the day, take a moment in your busy day to breathe deeply.
Let’s do this right now.
When you are ready to tune-in to yourself, close your eyes.
Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly…
Continue this for at least 5 cycles and tune-in to the stillness of your being.
When you are ready, open your eyes.
Take your time.

Thank you for opening this post on Water Droplet Meditation.

There are plethora of meditation practices out there that cater to everyone’s needs differently. For some, visualizations are helpful, sometimes it can be distracting. Each meditation practice serves a different purpose. I believe Water Droplet Meditation is to expand your intention and calm your heart and mind.


Today, I’d like to invite you to experience the Droplets and Ripples. Just by flashing back to meditations as I type this, I get shivers up and down my spine. With just the thought of water droplets and looking at this image above. I can feel the expansion. The ripples remind me of the various intentions I have brought awareness to. It brings me back to mindfulness.

If you see this image above, the droplets symbolize breath, purification, and healing. The ripples represent the auric expansion of your being. With each breath, your vibration grows bigger and bigger, eventually calming out and joining the rest of the vast ocean of consciousness. You see, if it wasn’t for the droplets, you would not notice the ripples that it creates. Drop by drop, it fills the vessel  – Positivity, gratitude, compassion, kindness, clarity, forgiveness, mindfulness, love… Without the the silence and awareness of the mindful breath, our nervous system can possibly go into hyperdrive – Allowing the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight/flight stimulus) to take hold. With the breath, we are able to return back to our quietude and inner voice.

When rain drops fall upon the earth, do you notice its grace?
How meticulously it touches the land, each crevice, each plant, each part of the cement…
Cleansing and washing away dirt, dust, debris.
Next time it rains, look outside. It’s absolutely beautiful.
I especially love the summer rain, how big the droplets are.
How they splash onto the leaves.
How sparkly everything looks afterwards.
And when the sun shines upon the land, how all the vegetation springs up in excitement!

Imagine that each of these drops are droplets of kindness. Droplets of compassion. Droplets of whatever you wish to bring into your life. As you watch the droplets, breathe deeply and slowly. Watch the droplets that land upon your window – Choose an intention, follow the droplet as it slowly lowers itself, to find yet another water droplet…

water-droplet-blueNow think about how much rain is on your window… Imagine all the rain falling into the bodies of water. The amount of water we have on this planet! It is easy to feel powerful as a single droplet. To notice its majesty and profound presence. But to join the rest of society, your local community… the planet… it’s very easy to fall into the idea of feeling so small and insignificant. Without the droplets, the pond was not created, nor the lake or ocean. Without the droplets, the glaciers did not form. You see, these individual small droplets are necessary for the greater formation of vast solidarity.


Perhaps the idea of Water Drop Meditation has opened you up to try yet a different method to bring relaxation, mindfulness, and expansion to your every day life. I will be putting up a full guided meditation audio in the near future (when I have the chance to in quiet).

Until then, keep smiling!


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