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Eliminating Distractions with Essential Oils – 6 recipes!

Alrighty!  So as posted on my Instagram page, here are the Salt Inhaler Blend recipes!  I alchemically conconcted to eliminate distractions from your life with essential oils : 1) Focus & Get It Done!   2) Let Go & Breathe14527440_972230605186_1033326402_n

They are both in 5/8 dram glass amber bottles.  Very easy to travel around with, but also very easy to lose!  Have a little medicine bag or put it in your pencil case if you may need it during studying/class.  If it’s for smoking/addictions, put it in your cigarette pack!  If it’s to wake up, put it by your toothbrushes, or right by where you would have your breakfast. How about tying a hemp cord on it and putting it around your neck?

Now for the recipes!
*Remember, this is just one way of using essential oils for your benefit.  There are many more ways of utilizing the potent oils to eliminate distractions and other factors of life.  If you have any questions, feel free to send an email or leave a comment below*

I put in fine salt first, half way full (coarse sea salt and Himalayan rock salt is wonderful options too!).  By putting in some salt first, the essential oils that I drop on top can combine with the salt and absorb.  I get an idea of how much oils I want for it to have the fullest potential and long lasting.  Once the oils are all in there to what works for me, I put in a little bit more salt to fill the mini amber bottle about 3/4 full.  I use a chopstick or tiny twig to mix the salt up.  And whatever is on the chopstick, I put on my clothes or my hair (I like to minimize wasting the beautiful oils!)

The essential oils that I have in my collection are from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are extremely potent and therapeutic grade.  It’s really important to use therapeutic grade for blends like this.  But if you are low on the financials, use whatever you feel you resonate to! That’s a big part of the magic you are concocting for yourself or for whomever you are blending for!


In total, you’ll want about 25-30 drops for Salt Inhalers.
For a blend. choose your essential oils (2-7 types) and plan out which oils you resonate to and how many drops of each oil.  This way, while you drop the oils, you are able to focus completely on intention you wish you set with the blend.  If you would like to just focus one 1-2 essential oils, by all means!  That’s a good way of getting to know independent essential oils as well.


  1. Focus & Get It Done!
    ****** This one is intentionally blended for the purpose of studying and focusing on staying task (which I am definitely not the best at).  I find citrus essential oils to not only be uplifting, but also to awaken my receptors.  When I take a deep inhale through my nose, I can feel the opening of my third eye area.  Yellow is also the colour of the solar plexus chakra (the navel) – the chakra for taking action, self-esteem, will power, and self-discipline.  Cedarwood is one of those must-have oils as well, it is very multipurpose!  It’s one of my favourite oils in my collection.  One of the benefits is that it improves focus and memory.  It also boosts the metabolism!  Peppermint is awesome for ciruculation (along with many other benefits too)!  It has a cooling effect and adds a punch to the aromas.  It opens up my eyes (and my Eye).

    *Recipe 1 for Studying (current blend):
      – Bergamot: 8 drops           – Grapefruit: 4 drops          – Lemongrass: 2 drop
      – Cedarwood: 7 drops         – Peppermint: 2 drops

    Recipe 2 for Studying:
     – Rosemary:  8 drops         – Sage: 4 drops                      – Elemi: 3 drops
       – Cedarwood: 6 drops        – Lemon: 3 drops

    Recipe 3 for Studying (this one I use less drops because I really want to focus on my breath and have the aroma to be less on-my-face):
    – Sandalwood: 5 drops           – Rosemary: 3 drops
    – Frankincense:  4 drops        – Bergamot: 3 drops

    rosemary-bannerI just realized a couple days ago that I’m completely out of Rosemary 😦 I definitely would have used it in both blends.  So I substituted with Lemongrass.  Rosemary is another one of those magical essential oils that is a go-to for almost anything!  I highly suggest you read up on this one and get your hands on some when you have the chance!  Delish~

    ….other possible oils to use: Rosemary, Cypress, Sage, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Lemon, Elemi.  Again, just follow your intuition and what you resonate to.

  2. Let Go & Breathe
    ****** Now for this concoction.  I believe this blend is savory, thus works for any sort of addiction in our life whether it be sugar, cigarettes, caffeine, and side-tracking (distractions, games, shopping, etc).  I’ve tested this oil on myself, as well as had some friends try it out (mostly for cigarettes and sugar) and it helped us a lot! So now I’m ready to share it with you too.  It’s not a cure all, and definitely doesn’t work instantly for some.  For me, it took my intention and remembering that every time I take a deep inhale – by the time I exhale, I’m centered and aligned with my inner peace.  The savory smells are so yummy too!Once again, citrus is joining us for this mission.  Whichever one you resonate with, choose 1-2 citrus EOs.  Grapefruit is a popular one but I chose Lemon since I don’t get to use it much on myself except house cleaning.  Herbs are our friend to be by our side for any sort of immune deficiency, inflammation – in this case, for dependency traits we are ready to let go of.  Marjoram is another versatile oil that is beneficial for a wide range of ailments and emotional support!  It’s been known to assist with people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia.  I love to add this oil to savory and herbal blends because of its sweet and floral-like aroma.  It is so very yummy!!!
    87bdfff8d49704c1c49558d9b957f2b3clarysage1Clary Sage is another must-have, especially for women (labor, hormonal imbalances, etc)! I love how Sustainable Baby Steps describes it as “dispelling confusion and illusion”. It’s definitely one of the vital oils for balance and clarity.  Here’s another awesome resource for Clary Sage (2).

    *Recipe 1 for Cigarette Cessation & Sugar Intake (current blend):
        – Black Pepper: 8 drops     – Basil: 2 drops                     – Eucalyptus: 2 drop
        – Clove Bud: 6 drops           – Marjoram: 4 drops            – Lemon: 1 drop
        – Clary Sage: 2 drops

    Recipe 2 for Cigarette Cessation & Sugar Intake:
    – Black Pepper: 10 drops       – Angelica: 3 drops          – Lemon: 2 drops
    – Coriander: 7 drops               – Clove Bud: 3 drops

    Recipe 3 for Anxiety & Grounding:
         – Roman Chamomile: 2 drops      – Lavender: 3 drops          – Sandalwood: 4 drops
    – Black Pepper: 8 drops                   – Bergamot: 5 drops

    ….other oils to consider:  any citruses, Sage, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Coriander, Angelica.  Again, just follow your intuition and what you resonate to.

    By the way, here’s an awesome resource I found that you may be interested in.  Kick Your Habit in the Butt to Quit Smoking.  There’s another recipe on there too if you’re curious for more inspiration!


    So now that you have your blends in your hands, it’s time to learn how to use them to their fullest potential.  Let me give you an example of how I inhale these little friends:


  • Before you open up your buddies, close your eyes & recall your intent for the blend(s).
  • Now, open the cap.  Take a couple centering breaths to align yourself.
  • Once you are ready, bring the bottle opening just below your nostrils and take a very deep inhale, filling your lungs to maximum capacity.  You are bringing the aroma into your brain by taking this breath.
  • Relax your face, forehead, shoulders.
  • As you exhale your breath out of your mouth, release your distractions, release anything that is getting in the way of your intention.  Visualize yourself focused on what you wish for yourself.
  • Do this for +3 cycles of inhale/exhale.
  • If you are getting dizzy, this is normal.  You are bringing the aromas into your brain and circulating the wonderous oxygen too!  However if you are getting nauseous or faint, put the oils down and breathe normally (exhale out your mouth saying “foooooo”).
  • When you feel aligned… Grounded, say outloud: I am ready. I am rooted. Or whatever affirmation you feel works for you.

Close the cap shut.  Make sure it is not in sunlight.  Though the container is amber (or if you have the blue one) keep it in a dark, cool place for it to last longer.  Sunlight and heat brings the oils to expiry much faster and gives it a dull, musty smell – no longer with therapeutic benefits.


And there you have  it!
This is only one way of boosting your focus and
conquering your addiction, whatever it may be!

I have chosen to use Salt Inhalants because I like to really get those aromas right to my brain.  I’ve done topical drops on myself with focus concoctions but I didn’t find it as useful for myself.  I also don’t distract other people with the intense aromas of the essential oils too.  These blends have oils that may bother other people around you so I’d be cautious — Especially if you have young children and other mothers! !  So please use caution with topical use of essential oils because your baby or toddler may not find these scents to be pleasant.  And other mothers may deter from you as well.



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