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5 Mindful Steps to Connect with Your Authentic Self in Tough Times

Life throws us so many lovely suprises, don’t you think?
I don’t know if you can sense my little bit of sacrasm…

It is so easy to get taken out of our grounding, uprooting us from the earth below us.  We get caught up in day-to-day activities – work, parties, politics, personal experiences…  Perhaps even stuck in our habitual ways of thinking and behaving.  First off, big hug to you for reaching out to find ways of overcoming your habitual ways to re-discovering unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness for yourself.  That is a huge leaaaap into the transformational process into stepping into your own power and healing the untouched memories of your past through connecting with your subconscious mind.  We want to heal the past and build upon the great lessons, right?

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.”      ― Hafiz


You know that moment when you finally feel like life is going smoothly… then… BAM!  Something hits you in the heart-center & you feel like you got the wind taken from your sails.  You are most definitely not alone, my friend!  We have been gifted these “challenges” or what I like to call – Opportunities of Growth!  Like the layers of a lotus flower or an onion, when one layer falls away, there is yet other layers to peel away.  Same goes for our internal home.  See these difficult, sad, even turbulent moments as gifts & you will immediately be able to shift your consciousness from defeat and victim –> to –> prosperity-seeking and transformational.  How we face these “challenging” moments is what will determine the next healing process.  

The key to all this is our topic today :

Connecting with Your Authentic Self.

When we have these defeating moments, we must always remember to stay aligned to our authenticity or what some mystics and gurus call: the Higher Self.  Our minds are more connected to the Ego & our Higher Self is connected to our intuition  (third-eye).  The vibration of the authentic self is much much higher and heart-opening for growth and healing – Forgiveness and acceptance are the most important qualities to embrace!  To finding happiness, think of it as a long-term investment.  The more time and energy we put into it, the outcome will be fruitful and abundant!  By shifting the subconscious mind, with practice, the voice of the Higher Self will be heard more effortlessly.


Now, let’s dive into the 5 Mindful Ways of inviting this deeper connection with our true authentic self – the Higher Self.

  1. Take a Big Step Back

    Deep breaths, my friend!  When that Ego’s voice is going non-stop within you with not-so-nice things to say — Just breathe into it and feel that voice getting more quiet with every sentence, with every word…  Those words that come at you like daggers are, most cases, not helpful at all towards moving forward and finding effective solutions for the long run.  The sooner you face that voice and confront the Ego, the sooner you will find healing and onwards into your transformational process.  Sometimes the words are hurtful but helpful – Learn to discern which “H” it is.  Sometimes, we hear awful words from our Ego that doesn’t serve us whatsoever.  Other times, they are words of truth that may assist your growth.  We will go into listening deeply for #3.  When you have these battles within your mind, simply close your eyes and continue with your deep breaths.  If it helps, turn the lights off.  What I used to like to do growing up is sitting in a dark closet to quiet my mind and making the hurtful voices stop.  For the last 10 years, I have loved essential oils as my aromatic affirmation.

  2. Find a Way to Access the Quietude of the Mind

    Running… Walking… Meditation… Any form that resonates with you to quiet that unraveling mind that may not be of service to your growth and/or healing.  If the thoughts that arise are potent, juicy thoughts that will help you towards healing or resolution — Make sure you write!  So often do we say to ourselves, “Oh I won’t forget this” then life happens and those potent thoughts slip away beneath the cracks.  Write. I promise you, you won’t regret it.  Automatic writing is a very healing form of communicating with your subconscious mind.  The more you write, you will learn to recognize which is your subconscious mind and which is the conscious mind.  Sometimes the writing style looks different too.  Without putting too much thought into your writing, just write what flows from you.  It is very important to note:  Finding quietude does not mean forget what arises.  A lot of times we push away thoughts that are potent and necessary for growth!  That’s why a lot of times these thoughts resurface days, weeks, months, even years down the line.  Face yourself honestly and lovingly.

  3. Deeply Listen

    Once you find your form of connecting with the quiet negative Ego, sitting down on the floor smiling back at you — perhaps the negative Ego is pouting on the chair waiting its turn… The more you allow the negative Ego to sit back and chill out (it will become a little bit easier every time. Don’t give up!).  When you feel that negative Ego chill out, deeply listen to that other voice that comes through.  What I highly suggest is meditation.  It doesn’t have to be sitting meditation in full lotus to attain higher enlightenment from your Higher Self.  Lay down on the grass, sit in your favourite chair, find comfort in the bath, park the car and close your eyes — Anywhere you can find stillness and peace for at least 5 minutes.  Deeply listen and you will hear the inner wisdom shine through and illuminate.

  4. Deeply Connect

    When you hear that voice of authenticity or your Higher Self, allow the voice to reverberate within you and if you feel up to it, ask it questions.  Do not doubt that voice.  You are now tapping into the Higher Self.  Once you hear and feel what will help you move forward, remember to thank your Higher Self.  When one over-analyzes and allows the Ego to step in, the connection will cut off with your Higher Self – so remember to remain in that heart-space of acceptance and simply allow the connection to flow.  Remember, the more your practice this, the more effortless it will become.  Be patient.

  5. Plant the Seeds

    All that you connect with in this process, what works for you that will assist with your healing/transformational process?  For me, it has been consistency with: Affirmations, music, meditation, writing, walks, and nature (I won’t go into detail of these here because I feel it’s important for you to find what works for YOU).  Repetition to remind yourself is very important.  You are planting seeds of healing/transformation, you want to water them, nurture them, sing to them, pick away the weeds, and so forth.  But in order for the garden to grow, you must plant the seeds or you will just end up with (happy)surprises.  You are the master gardener.  Plant the seeds that you wish to grow in your garden.  Again, repetition and consistency are key to reprogramming the mind but also to really deeply connect with your authenticity.  By planting the seeds, you can be more in control of what happens from now on.  You can’t change the past but by learning from the old, you can build upon it!

    “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates


How Do You Feel?

From taking your journey through the 5 Steps, how do you feel?  Did you find any solutions to what you were first worried, sad, angry, frustrated about?  Were you able to hear/feel that authentic self?  Whether you heard that voice or you feel that voice — the more you practice these steps, you will begin to hear actual words. Perhaps you will hear more than one voice in one session or in separate sessions of alignment. The key to this exercise is to connect to that sacred space to allow yourself to let go.
It sounds so easy when you are happy and calm — But when those turbulent times do arise, letting go is actually quite difficult.  Getting caught up in those negative thought patterns and destructive behaviours do not serve us to move forward and shift.  If you feel you have these tendencies, jot these steps down on a paper and tape it up on your mirror, bathroom, bedside… Any place you tend to go when you feel overwhelmed.  I promise you, it will come to use!  The key is REPETITION. The more you repeat your ritual/ceremony, the more effortless it will be to implement these 5 steps into your day-to-day, especially when you have an obstacle in your way.


 I would love to hear from you!
Feedback, questions, requests…
Anything that you feel you would like to share
in this sacred space below in the comments or by email.  

If you would like to experience the offering of FREE 30 minute consultation/session with me, I welcome you to email me so we can set up an appointment to connect.
I can simply listen to you speak.  I can guide you through a short meditation.
I can also share with you some further insights on the steps.


You see, life is full of these rollercoasters that takes us on a ride.  Sometimes it’s thrilling but most cases, I feel like these rides are absolute hell.  I feel like I get thrown into cage full of beasts that I have to battle… In the recent years, I have been able to become friends with these beasts.  I am 29 years young now with a history of depression, diagnosed bipolar, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders on and off… It has been quite a journey leading me up to all this wonderful growth!  You know, it’s painful during those moments, and I cannot be more grateful for my amazing mom who stood by me when I didn’t know who to turn to.  She was the anchor for me for years.  But that wasn’t helping me become more independent and empowered – I went within and dove deep.  Deeper than the depths of the sea.

It took me years… but you know what?  I see myself now as a true warrior.  I never felt like psychiatric help or counseling would do be good because I never felt like they would even care!  Maybe it’s those movies where the psychiatrist or counselor has a clipboard and pen… “uh huh… yea…. okay… and how did that make you feel?”  It was painful for me to watch those scenes, and I felt absolutely helpless, laughing at the same time.  Maybe it takes longer doing the inner work on your own… But it’s been worth it.  It’s sort of like pharmaceutical prescriptions versus holistic (homeopathics, herbs, essential oils, etc) — It takes longer with holistic medicine but at least I’m not putting harmful chemicals in my body!  I didn’t want to take those numbing pills that I was prescribed by my doctor (various benzodiapines, Zolaft, Lithium…).  I have to be honest, I took some to try them out initially and did some trial and error with the doctor but my mom hated how I had become a zombie.  I remember taking it the first day and felt so numb I fell out of my bed! THUD!  After a week or so, I talked to my closest friends and they wanted to buy them off of me… I didn’t know what it was worth to some people who just wanted to get high off of them so I flushed them down the toilet.  See ya colourful, toxic pills… Now come to think of it… I put it in the waterways… Sorry.

Now, before you start flushing pills down the toilet, please talk to your doctor, counselor, psychiatrist, etc!  I don’t want to be responsible for your actions.  For some people, it really does help stabilize.  For me, I felt as though I could conquer (what I call) the ICK.  That’s the path I chose for myself. From all the experiences that I survived,  I came out of the darkness — Stable, happy, calmer, mindful, and awakened.  About 9 years ago, I began reading spiritual and metaphysical books and websites that opened the portals to where I am now.  And I am devoted to share with you what I have learned so far from my experiences and from what I have been studying.  There are so many alternative holistic medicines and holistic practices out there that work BETTER than pharmaceutical medicine.  I highly suggest you give them a try.  If you have any you would like to share, please feel free to do so below in the comment box.

I’m able to share with you the juicy lessons that my Higher Self was able to guide me through all these years.  I hope that you will join me and all the other warriors who have conquered their shadows to walking the path of healing and happiness!

Alrighty, back to playing with Stormrider!
Over and out!

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