Bashar “Passion Frequency” via Positive Head Podcast


I’ve been listening to Brandon Beachum (from Positive Head) for some time now.  I love him!  When I was pregnant, I would listen a podcast episode while cooking (mostly mommy podcasts).  Recently, I’ve started doing this ritual again while cooking and I discovered Positive Head Podcast.  So much wisdom, so much truth, so much fire that ignites within me during and after.  It’s hard not to have deep reflection afterward!  I highly suggest you dip your toes into the mind-expansive world with our shining light brother, Brandon.

Episode 368: Life is happening for you, and through you  (click here for podcasts)

This is the episode I just listened to this morning is this one here and he brings up a very potent clip of Bashar talking about the Law of Attraction.

All situations are fundamentally neutral and they can serve double duty.  They can create for you negative or positive reflection.  That is solely determined by what energy vibration and attitude and believe systems and definition you assign to that situation.

~ Bashar

Bashar – Passion Frequency (via White Misa)

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