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Rebalancing Feminine and Masculine Energies

Good morning lovely beings!

Since yesterday, our boy started daycare as I will be going into labor soon with our second baby.  During the morning hours I have been dedicating my energy to researching this topic of “Rebalancing Feminine and Masculine Energies” for an upcoming eBook.  What a journey it’s been so far!  I have various books on embodying the Goddess energy but as I have been discovering, it feels to be imbalanced to be one-sided with the energetics.  I have been reading many articles online for guidance on Sacred Union… Rebalancing… Tantra… but from what I have noticed, there are not very many books on this topic & so I felt compelled to dive in to compile my research into one book!


Here is the first portion of the introduction that I have been playing with.

I would love your feedback and input! Don’t be shy, my friends!


Remember – the rise of the feminine spirit is about enhancing
both femininity and masculinity, because it’s about rebalancing.”
– Fiona Parashar

               For thousands of years, there has been a painfully long history of a patriarchal paradigm that has been ruling our societies. This tremendous division between the sexes has caused a great deal of upheaval over the centuries and it has been evident that this paradigm does not align with humanity.  For too long, female existence has been oppressed, sexualized, disrespected, and there has been a great need for metamorphosis from this old model of thinking.  Though in present day, there are numerous communities of sisterhood, Goddess, Priestess, witches, and feminist organizations and yet societies still has a grasp of the expired ideal of patriarchy.  In many cultures, there are still noticeable divisions between the equality of men and women.  In this eBook, I will be going into depth about the importance of embodying both feminine and masculine energies for wholesome living.  By doing so, we will be able to not only have a balanced perspective and awareness but also to gain a deeper understanding in our relationships, independently, romantically and societally.  I believe that when we are able to welcome the concept of the union of both feminine and masculine energies, we will obtain compassion, kindness, love, and harmony.  When I mention “masculine” and “feminine”, I do not mean the general sense of genders but the principles of our internal energies.  We all have both energies within us just as much as we all have light and dark, logic and intuition, strength and gentleness, action and fluidity.

           Without getting into too much detail about the Feminist Movements that have risen through the decades, it goes to show how unbalanced society has been and where we must head in order for peace and unity.  “Until human consciousness can transform the ancient antagonism between masculine and feminine into a creative alliance, we will remain fragmented and at war with ourselves, as individuals, as couples, as societies, and as a race” (3, Welwood).  Due to these societal blockages of the feminine existence, women have lost touch with the inherent power of fully embodying our birth right to be women.  Men have been looked down upon, disrespected, and seen as weak for having glimpses of feminine energy.  In order to have a healthy balance within our mind, body, and soul, we must shift and dance between both feminine and masculine energies.  Bringing about this equality of women is not about discrediting men or changing society from patriarchy to matriarchy – we must respect both sides and integrate the wonderful qualities of the feminine and masculine.  Having too much femininity is not healthy, nor is too much masculinity.  For a well-balanced paradigm, there must be “a ceaseless dance of shifting polarities” (33, Welwood).  

               As a holistic practitioner, we are to approach our life work by offering guidance and listening to the client’s desires to find balance within the body, mind, and spirit.  The body pertains to the physical, the mind is the mental, and the spirit is the spiritual.  According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, holistic defines as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts”.  Oxford Dictionary defines holistic as “characterized  by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”.  By understanding what it is to be a holistic practitioner, I believe it is also part of my duty to share with clients about the importance of balancing our feminine and masculine energies to feel whole and complete without depending on others to fill the void.  With this rebalancing, people will also be able to attract healthy relationships and positive situations into their life experience. 

                In order to give find clarity in this topic, I have researched on the most significant and well-known cultures, religions, and philosophical thinkers that have similar beliefs on bridging the duality for wholeness: Law of Gender, Shiva-Shakti, Yin YangAnima-Animus, and Divine Sacred Union

(… be continued…….)



51ujwrxvzfl I absolutely LOVE this book and highly recommend it to those who seek to deepen their relationship with self and others.  I find myself highlighting almost every page so that I can flip back and reacquaint myself with the juicy wisdom.  It is so simply written yet extremely profound.  It just so happened to align with my topic! Critical issues that arise in romantic relationships also coincide with what arises within myself & I am able to gradually cultivate the wonderful wisdom for divine union with myself.   (Get it here on Amazon)

2 thoughts on “Rebalancing Feminine and Masculine Energies”

  1. Hello MAYA,
    I just know you’ve got the 2nd child, wish you happy all the time.
    I came via the comment you posted on Chris Lee’s blog
    I have the habit of visiting people’s websites to see what their websites look like.
    I notice that you are using blog under, why not use an independent blog website? Since you want to create content and make some money via it.
    Just a reminder with kindness.


    1. Hi there LiaoSam. Thank you so much for commenting. Yes, I had been keen on reusing my domain but I have been so busy settling into finding balance. Recently I’ve been contemplating using a domain again.

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