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Super Snow Moon in Virgo (Feb 19, 2019)


Happy Super Snow Moon in Virgo!

Are you feeling the fullness approaching too?
I tend to feel it strongly 3-5 days prior to the fullness of the moon.
This one feels… Grounding.
I feel that I am a seedling popping up from beneath the snow.
The brisk winter air is tickling me, awakening me from my deep slumber.
Deep awareness.
Soulful expression.

This month I’ve been doing a lot of releasing old fears and releasing detrimental thought patterns that really don’t serve me.  I’ve been feeling a sense of lightness and
I see a path before me to step forward into my power.
Fear does creep in through the cracks but I’ve been finding
new ways of overcoming these thoughts.
The fire in my belly is burning bright and steady.
How about you?

What I like to do is drop-in and deeply tune-in (when everyone in my home is asleep) and check-in with my inner workings.  I like to journal/automatic write these experiences, reflections, intuitive tingles.  After a couple days of this (well I do this as often as I can unless I pass out while pretending to be asleep trying to get my little children to fall asleep at 9pm), I like to then go online and read from my most favorite, trusted sources to see what they are astrologically picking up on.

I’d love to share some of my findings with you:

Super Moons occur when the Moon is closer to Earth, and on February 19th, the Moon will be at its closest point all year. We will see the Moon shining big and bright in the sky, and we will also feel the energetic effects and pull of the Moon vibrating at the depths of our soul. This Super Full Moon is also potent as it falls at zero degrees of Virgo. Zero is the number of potential and limitless opportunities. Zero is the blank canvas of all creation, signaling that this Full Moon is really going to offer infinite potential.

February’s Full Moon is going to help us realize our potential and also the potential around us, it is also going to open us, broaden our horizons, and encourage us to open our minds and hearts to something beyond our current reality.
☆ What the human mind may perceive as terrible or annoying, our soul may be rejoicing at the lessons we get to learn, the emotional range we get to experience, and the life changing wisdom we get to acquire.
☆ Looking at the world through our higher mind definitely gives us a new perspective, and allows us to see beyond our own egos.
☆ On a mental level, this Full Moon is going to be exposing all that we need to release and let go of. While this is typical for most Full Moons, on this Virgo Moon we are specifically going to be encouraged to let go of repetitive thoughts, over-thinking, worries, and fears of the future.
☆ To help us with this, the Universe may stir some of our core fears, or agitate some of our beliefs in order to help bring awareness and exposure to them.
☆ Most of us have fear lurking in the corner of our minds and hearts and, while this is part of our human experience, the more conscious we can become of our fear, the more it helps us to know when it is driving our decisions or when it is simply in the background as a way to protect us.
☆ Fear can be healthy in reasonable doses, but most of us are over-driven with fear, which keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns and in a lower vibrational state.
☆ On this Full Moon, work on becoming aware of your fears. Acknowledge them. Stand them down. Pierce them with your gaze straight to their core, for doing so will loosen their grip on your life.

The Universe is saying to you- release the fears that hold you back and bond you to these earthly illusions. On the other side of your fear is everything you have ever wanted, everything you have ever dreamed of. Your fears are not to be ignored, but rather they are to be challenged. Rise up to them, for you are strong enough, and the power of this Moon will be helping you.

On a physical level, this Full Moon may also put a spotlight on your health. If you have not been looking after yourself, or if you have been ignoring any lingering symptoms, it is going to be important to take action around this Full Moon.
☆ Self-care is always so important, but on this Full Moon we really have to pay attention and look after our physical bodies as much as possible.

On the deepest soul level, this Full Moon is helping to awaken our potential within. This Full Moon is helping to crack us open so we can see beyond our beliefs and into a new reality.

Life is not only what we see, there is an unseen world too, and if you open to the Moon’s energy, if you allow its light to shine straight through your soul, you will be able to awaken this awareness and see that life can be imagined and lived in far more detail, in far more vivid color, and with far more magic.”

~ Tanaaz from Forever Conscious 

Feeling the tingles? Yea, me too. So potent right?


The Virgo Full Moon on February 19 offers some possible practical solutions to problems, especially those sparked by the Uranus-Pallas opposition as the Moon makes positive aspects to both. Although part of us may feel a little lost at times, if we pay attention to details and work conscientiously, we can improve the outlook. Also on this date, Virgo’s ruler Mercury will enter the shadow zone of the upcoming retrograde period so it’s advisable to focus on completing tasks rather than starting something new.”

~ Leah Whitehorse (February 2019 Astrology Forecast)

I resonate completely with the deep reflection to focus on what projects we already have at this moment and not getting ahead of ourselves with new projects (I am totally guilty).  After all, the full moon is all about completion! I often take on too many projects than I can handle because I get inspired and all fired up –> then I have several unfinished projects going at once = overwhelmed at my workload, feeling unaccomplished.  I have totally embraced my imperfections and disorganized nature.  When I’m on it, I am organized, trusting of my intuition and of the Universe’s whispers.

With New Years not too far in the past, many people may have written down resolutions, goals, intentions (whatever you may call it) —— Let’s not get burned out too early in the year, hey?   Self-love! Be easy on yourself. Try your best not to be so hard on yourself if maybe you (ooooops!)  forgot about the goals, got detoured from the focus, and/or dropped the ball so-to-speak.  Pick up that ball and start again.

My children inspire me everyday with this one.  My second child is a week from turning 1 year old.  She is really wanting to freely walk without leaning on the table and walls.  Every day she drops on her lil bum and gets right back up on her feet to try free-standing.  Her gummy smile and adorable giggles as her stands on her own feet, wobbling. Then plop!  Over and over again.  All day.  For weeks now.  And I don’t rush her on her experience of learning to walk.  I hold space for her and make sure she knows I’m right there with her.


Wherever there is a lack of love, there can be a commitment to love.

Wherever there is a failure, there can be a promise to get back up again.

Wherever we are inhibited, we can find freedom.

We can keep going. We can take our time. We can be thorough, methodical, and intuitive. Rhythmic and flowing. Like the river, we can persist and provide.

We can commit to greater self-sufficiency and reliance. We can become more responsible. We can pledge allegiance to our own definition of success.”

~ Virginia Rosenberg (Full Moon in Virgo)


Now, close your eyes.

Imagine that you are sitting in front of your journal writing down your goals for the new year.  What feeling are you having?  Notice the sensations.  What are you envisioning?  Connect with yourself for as long as you need here.

How will you accomplish your goal in stepping stones?

Imagine that you are at the foot of a rushing river bank.
It’s too deep for you to walk in the river.
It’s quite rapid, it may be dangerous to wade your way through.
But there are some smaller rocks along the river bank that you can walk along. Maybe you’ll need to leap from rock to rock.
Now you’re about a quarter of the way across the river. There are boulders ahead of you that you may be able to jump onto.  Or are there some boulders that may be close enough that you could just take an enormous step?
As you make it about half way, you stop and admire how far you’ve made it across.
How are you feeling? Are you wanting to go back or keep moving forward?
You look down the river and see the water moving rapidly but flowing effortlessly around the boulders, creating splashes, ripples and sneaking through the spaces between the boulders.  You too can move like water.  You will find your way to your destination as long as you trust in the flow.  Enjoy the journey but stay your course.  You’ll get to the destination as long as you keep moving.

Breathe here and take in all the feels 

Now, open your eyes.

Let’s reflect back on the questions asked during the guided meditation:

○ What feeling are you having?  Notice the sensations.
○ What are you envisioning?
○ How will you accomplish your goal in stepping stones?
○ What “stepping stones” (easier projects / to-do’s) do you feel are accomplishable in the near future?
○ What projects do you have that may have a learning curve but it’s not impossible?
○ You may feel fear creeping in, second guessing yourself and doubting yourself.  Why?  What’s holding you back from flowing freely like the water in the river?
○ How are you feeling after answering these big questions?
○ Are you wanting to go back the way you came or keep moving forward across the river?


Emotions, feelings, thought patterns are
especially amplified at this time of the month.
Harness this powerful energetic pull

and dive in with yoga and meditation practice to find balance and clarity.

If you are getting tossed around by the strong energy and becoming agitated, angry, short fused, remember you are always able to return back to the calm by taking a big step back and taking deep breaths until the swirling mind can steady itself.
(**keep reading if you are experiencing this**)

Yoga postures can physically help us move through energetic blocks that are withheld in the body.  Meditation can help us move past the mental blocks that may be holding us back.  You choose your mind-body practice whether your physically releasing the blocks means running, dancing, swimming, jump roping…  Maybe this IS your meditation, maybe meditation is painting, sitting in the bath, gardening… When we open the portals of our vessel (mind-body-soul) to receive guidance and wisdom (if you being in astral guidance from angels, ascended masters, God, Buddha, Mother Earth… your own soul, Higher Self), we are able to invite transformation, healing, and purification. 

The full moon energy is about release & completion.

How do you wish to release what does not serve you to move forward with ease?
How will you find completion in the projects and aspirations you have in your heart?
Perhaps instead of physical projects, it is major inner work that you want to do.

Virgo is the reminder to get out of our own way. To move aside. To drop the conditioning. To exist amidst and in between lines. To relinquish sense of self-ness enough that we can let spirit flow through us into form. Virgo is the call to our sacred work. Not the petty tasks we lose ourselves in by distraction, but the raison d’etre; the reason for being, as dictated by powers greater than us.

Virgo invites us to stay with the trouble. To pray with it and ritualize it. To see and be in the messiness of life, and embrace it as pure. Unfixable. Flawless.

Forgiveness and acceptance are at the root of the ability to love unconditionally.

Virgo can find us doing a lot, to the point of being in distraction. On this Full Moon, practice doing by not-doing. Let your actions stem from a quiet place. Instead of planning, allow yourself to be moved. Listen to the hushed inner voice, and make space for the next thing to come through you. What are we living in devotion to? And what actions are needed in order to show that?

This Moon has us standing on the brink of purification. We linger next to a proverbial body of water, the moment before we submerge and bathe.”

~ Virginia Rosenberg (Full Moon in Virgo)


How did you like this blog post?
I’d love to hear from you whether they are rituals, reflections, experiences, feedback

I invite you to leave your comments below!

Wishing you a potent full moon journey, my friends!


By the way, I would love to share this lovely yogini with you!
I’ve been checking out Brett Larkin’s free resources that she has graciously offered on her website subscription & youtube channel. Check out this Relaxing Meditation: Chandra Bhedana Pranayama to Calm Down

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