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Parenting Guided Meditation – Morning Routine

Sorry for the long wait on this guided meditation.
I know some of you have been asking for this.
I have made this meditation downloadable from Soundcloud so feel free to use this to ground yourself at any time during the day. It’s not just for the morning, though I find it useful to do this upon waking up after making breakfast for the kiddos. I sometimes do this while in the kitchen with a tea cup in my hands. 


The more you self-regulate, the more you are able to be fully present with your family.
When you are able to find this calmness, you are modeling this presence with your family.
If your children are awake right now, they are most likely watching.
Even if they aren’t watching, they feel that calmness extending out from your being.
By showing them that you are able to find calmness on your own through breathing and checking in with yourself, the more they will do so when they feel a little turbulent.
When you are able to deeply listen to your own inner workings, you will be able to deeply listen to your family members.

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