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I was born in Tokyo. We moved to Hawai’i when I was around 2 years old and then moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, just after turning 8 years old.  Vancouver is my stomping ground, a place that has so many amazing memories and also many painful memories.  I grew up playing a lot of sports (mainly basketball and golf).  I was really into working out .  I have been moving my body in odd ways since I was a very little girl.  When I first discovered yoga in college, I took it as an elective.  That was when I had several aha-moments realizing that I had been doing yoga postures for a very long time. In my pre-teen, teenage years, I was often in my bedroom stretching and making space in my body.  My mom would come in asking, “what are you doing?” And I didn’t really have a straight answer except, “just stretching. It feels good.”  So when I finally discovered yoga class, there was no turning back.  What I wish I knew more about was the philosophy behind yogic traditions.

I began my spiritual healing journey when I was 18 years old. Now at 31 years old, nearly a decade since embarking on this amazing path as a coach and healer, I am able to share what I learned along the way and be present for others who may need support through the tough times. I want to be who I wished I had when I was going through those really tough days.

My life has been full-on with ups and many downs.  It was often hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel. I grew up in an environment where I did not fit in, I felt absolutely lost and alone.  I was diagnosed Bipolar Type 2, where I had episodes of extreme highs and lows that seemed uncontrollable.  I had been prescribed various medications to balance my moods and hormones but I felt dead and empty on them.  My parents did not believe in seeking help from psychiatrists or counselors, nor did I want to. Without anywhere else to turn for guidance that would truly help find answers to my internal chaos and darkness, I turned to many self-help books.  What I learned was, go inwards.  There I found a brightly lit torch that forever changed my life.  I have such immense gratitude for Thich Nhat Hanh, Abraham Hicks, and Chris Prentiss.  Their books were the first I gravitated to.

It took a lot of trial and error to explore what worked best for me – modalities, books, pranayama, social circles, etc.  That is when I had a long boarding accident, immobilized for two months – I further turned inward for guidance.  This is where my major vision quest began.  To word it all short and sweet, I realized that no matter what darkness would consume me, I was able to ignite the fire and keep it lit.  The journey within exposed to me that I endured all those years without cutting life short because this is my purpose in life – To share with others how to become a warrior.  How to embrace and yin and yang to find harmony.  From feeling like a victim who had been fighting endless wars, I was finally able to drop the sword and let go.  I was no longer enslaved by my own mind.

I am not perfect though, some days when I am exhausted or something external feels testing on my patience – some old patterns can trickle into me.  Those are the moments that really show me how far I have come with my soul work.  Those are the experiences that expose to me what needs more work.  And these are the greatest lessons and opportunities to keep showing up for myself.

I live by the motto of Thich Nhat Hanh, “Peace in Oneself, Peace in the World”.  I can say confidently that after the many years of diving deeper, shedding layers, and constantly learning… evolving.  I am a believer of Human Potentiality – that we are all able to welcome healing into our own hands, all it takes is to ask for help or guidance. We are all capable of being at service to ourselves, our family, then on to our community, and our planet as a whole. But we have to first, take care of ourselves before extending outwards.

…And so, the path continues to unravel.  I have been walking the labyrinth of life, spiraling inwards and outwards… inwards and outwards… I am present to offer you what I have learned so far on this journey. From the depths of darkness, the Phoenix appears from the ashes, soul ignited…

Eternal Bliss, Love, and Light**


2 thoughts on “About Maya”

  1. Hi Maya, I believe there are no accidents, so when I run into your site out of purpose and having a blast after reading the thoughts you shared right there and then I realized why my day seem so vibrant because I would find a site that could add to my daily inspirations. As an artist, I normally need some inspiration to start my day…sometimes a good music, some thoughts from a book or some images from nature. Today, I’m lucky to have opened your site…I know my day would be filled with surprises today,because it was started with a nice one.
    I am an artist from the Philippines, I started giving Art therapy to kids who experienced trauma from calamities because I felt that Children need it as well as I do for my personal healing. I have served Art therapy to a total of 300 kids with the 3 calamities our Country experienced. With the recent Typhoon that hit our Country, I was unable to serve because I met an accident 3 months ago that resulted to a fractured bone in my left leg. But I was able to organize some of my artist friends to do the art therapy to those affected places. Browsing your site would now be part of my healing. Thank you for sharing your Awareness and Love to the world.

    Keep radiating your love to everyone.


    1. Arjun, thank you so much for sharing your story! I wrote a response back but it looks like it didn’t make it’s way on here, I’m so sorry! I hope that your leg has healed up and you have returned to being of service to those beautiful children! What a beautiful gift to share such a beautiful healing process for them and for you! I love reading messages like this that I am able to share the light and love with you! Thank you for opening your heart to feel my heart speak. Wishing you well and many many blessings, my friend! Lovelovelove!!! Maya (PS: My beloved and I visited Bohol and Palawan last year for a month. Such unforgettable memories there!)

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