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Eliminating Distractions with Essential Oils – 6 recipes!

Alrighty!  So as posted on my Instagram page, here are the Salt Inhaler Blend recipes!  I alchemically conconcted to eliminate distractions from your life with essential oils : 1) Focus & Get It Done!   2) Let Go & Breathe They are both in 5/8 dram glass amber bottles.  Very easy to travel around with,… Continue reading Eliminating Distractions with Essential Oils – 6 recipes!

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Babies trip out~ Visual Stimulation

During pregnancy, I was looking at various Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio styles of education to slowly introduce to Stormrider. I read that it's good to begin as early as a couple weeks after birth! So we have started trying some visual and auditory stimulation with him since then. We wanted to keep it natural and… Continue reading Babies trip out~ Visual Stimulation