Welcome to Bliss*Love*Light!

To meditate means to go home to yourself.  Then you know how to take care of the things that are going on inside of you, and you know how to take care of the things that happen around you.

~ Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh

These changes you make within yourself ripple out into the external world.

Everything is energy.  We are energetic beings.
We magnetically attract like frequencies into our lives.
It is the Law of Attraction, my friend.

Are you ready to invite wonderful things into your life?
It all begins with our inner state of being.


Let’s take a couple breaths here.

How are you feeling right now?
Check in with yourself (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually)

Now, connect to the silence that resides within you.
(Take as long as you need here)

Right now, are you aligned/centered to your Higher Self?
What sort of feelings, thoughts, emotions fills your day?

How feelings do you want to feel more of starting today?
What would you like to manifest most in your life?

If you could choose one thing that you could change in your life,
what would it be?

It is absolutely so very important for us to deeply connect with
true purpose, true happiness, true and authentic self. 
It is easy to get caught up during the day, weeks, months, even years!  It’s never too late. 
This is exactly the perfect moment for you to find healing, resolve, overcome, and soar. 
You are reading this because you seek for something more in life… Ready to………..

Are you ready to dive in deep within yourself and take an unforgettable journey?
Yes you are!

When you book an appointment
for the Transformational Coaching Package,
we will dive deep into several potent aspects of inviting and implementing life-altering healing and growth!

To give you a picture, here are examples of some things we will cover :

  • Understand the connection between you and the Universal Laws
  • Learn how to connect with your true and authentic self (soul)
  • Learn to re-write past stories that welcome healing and releasing
  • Explore natural ways of self-care and self-love that work best for YOU!
  • Experience meditational journeys to unlock the blockage and limiting thought patterns  (you will be gifted a personal meditation script and recording made especially for you)
  • Learn and explore how to re-route your subconscious mind for prosperity, abundance, and happiness!
  • You will receive Empowerment Exercises to work on outside of our sessions
  • Discover the peaceful warrior within : Becoming energetically aligned, passionate, goal-oriented, purposeful…
  • Learn to work with essential oils as a form of alternative healing
  • …and much much more if you are open to exploring the healing process that you are so very ready for!

Maya Ushikubo is a devoted Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach who uniquely blends various holistic healing modalities to help guide her clients through transformational coaching sessions.  Not only will she assist you with your current situation that you may be facing, you will come out of each session feeling more empowered, more mindful, more optimistic, and more at peace.  You will feel much more aligned with your true and authentic self with each session.  If she can conquer her darkest moments, so can you.


Here are some beautiful letters she received after her sessions:

“Let me tell you, I was skeptical at first about this spiritual coaching.  I was new to this and hadn’t done much reading about it before but a friend of mine recommended Maya to me so I gave the free 30 mins a go.  She’s young but she’s wise beyond her years.  Not only that, she is very intuitive and has this peaceful demeanor that is contagious.  After 10 transformational sessions with her plus other healing work and aromatherapy blends, she became my go-to healer at least once a month.  I am a  completely different person.  My husband says I am beaming!  My two boys come to me for advice now!  I tell you, everything has changed in my life.  Thank you for everything.”  – Anne B (Vancouver, BC)

We met through friends, and that day, I knew I had to get to know her. The wisdom behind her Eye(s) and words. Her carefully placed breaths. She will take you to another dimension (in the guided meditation sessions.  I had 3 one-on-one journeys with her in the park). She reminds You of the Oneness of the planet. And to notice the synchronicities that take place on a daily basis. She will bring you to your feet and remind you, you have wings to fly.” – Jolene (Seattle, WA)

“Now I can say confidently, ‘I used to have anxiety!’ I had endured it for too long including medications.  When the mind shifts from dark to light, everything changes inside and outside. Life is beautiful and I owe it to you. I always looked forward to our sessions together. Enjoy your backpacking trip! Certainly will miss you, Maya.”  – Ryan K (Vancouver, BC)

“I had a total of five reiki sessions with you and I can say, every single time I felt immense relief.  You see, I have severe anxiety and PTSD.  The morning after your session, I feel like I can seize the day!  By the end of the five sessions plus the life coaching you gifted me after each session, I feel a sense of positivity and illumination to go deep within myself.  I looked at your website after we met in person.  Your writing is so sincere.  And in person, you are cute as a button yet a wise warrior.”  – Jordan W (from Vancouver, BC)

A wise woman once told me, “if you close your eyes and you can see it in your mind’s eye, it is in your grasp”.  Maya, you showed me how I can turn my shadow self to become a warrior.  Instead of feeling like a victim and feeling bad for how my past was, I crawled out of the hole a brand new woman!  You taught me courage and how to become inspired by connecting with my inner-child.  You changed my life for the better.  I love you!”  – Sammy Love (from Oregon)