Intuitive Henna


Maya invites you to discover the beauty and magic of henna / mehndi. The designs are all free-hand, and I use only pure, fresh natural henna that I mix into my own paste.

Oooo~ the energy that each design gives off is very subtle vibrations that you will feel, like when you wear your favourite clothing, a great hair-do, or like when putting on make-up that you feel good in.


 Finger design >> $5

 Palm size design >> $10

 Up to wrist (like above) >> $20

 Covered completely (like above) >> $25

 Big back/leg design >> $40


If you are seeking traditional henna designs, bridal mehndi ~~ I do not do traditional styles.

If you are looking for designs for pre-vacation temporary designs, a feature for your corporate or charity event, a unique entertainer for birthdays or cocktail parties, Please feel free to contact me**

IMG_4674 BlissLoveLight


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