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Rebalancing Feminine and Masculine Energies

Good morning lovely beings! Since yesterday, our boy started daycare as I will be going into labor soon with our second baby.  During the morning hours I have been dedicating my energy to researching this topic of "Rebalancing Feminine and Masculine Energies" for an upcoming eBook.  What a journey it's been so far!  I have… Continue reading Rebalancing Feminine and Masculine Energies

My First Born Experiences

Wow… Hello!

It's been quite a long time since I last wrote. How is everybody?  Happy 2016 and year of the Fire Monkey!  So much has happened since I last wrote, a lot of traveling, and a whole lot of transformations within me.  I hope you've had a productive year so far  🙂   Onwards to becoming even… Continue reading Wow… Hello!

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Called to Seek Guidance from Goddess Saraswati, “The Essence of Self”

The other day, I was listening to music with my headphones on the bus headed home. A quiet whisper, like a breeze through the trees… "Saraswati"... I looked around to see if anyone said anything. I had heard that name before and pulled that card in my Goddess Oracle deck before but I couldn't remember… Continue reading Called to Seek Guidance from Goddess Saraswati, “The Essence of Self”

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Breathing Meditation, Releasing Tension (by Bliss*Love*Light)

****Great introductory meditation for beginners; those who are re-aligning to their inner power; who may wish to fit in a 20 minute meditation before work, school, performance... (Audio edited by: Omega Point* Thank You!)


Honouring the Divine Feminine ~ the Goddess Within

Nothing is more powerful than a woman who knows her own strength. Her strength doesn't come from a false sense of self worth defined by pride or egotistical over confidence. Her power comes from her capacity to love and her ability to hold firm when the world tries to tear her down. She understands who she… Continue reading Honouring the Divine Feminine ~ the Goddess Within