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Super Snow Moon in Virgo (Feb 19, 2019)

Happy Super Snow Moon in Virgo! Are you feeling the fullness approaching too? I tend to feel it strongly 3-5 days prior to the fullness of the moon. This one feels... Grounding. I feel that I am a seedling popping up from beneath the snow. The brisk winter air is tickling me, awakening me from… Continue reading Super Snow Moon in Virgo (Feb 19, 2019)

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On Gratitude

My Vessel Overflows with Gratitude There are so many lovers I thought would be my last. A voice within would tell me “it’s time.” I listened, reflected, discuss, and moved on. Yet my love for these people always remained in the treasure chest of my heart. Even if they despised me for leaving, or disconnected… Continue reading On Gratitude

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Hypnobirthing Meditation

Hey there! Here is a guided meditation for pregnancy and birthing! After some time of a hiatus, I have created another recording since there have been some requests!  Thank you to those who have sent feedback and showed support by downloading my previous meditation audio.  And those who have sent in requests 🙂 It is… Continue reading Hypnobirthing Meditation

My First Born Experiences

Wow… Hello!

It's been quite a long time since I last wrote. How is everybody?  Happy 2016 and year of the Fire Monkey!  So much has happened since I last wrote, a lot of traveling, and a whole lot of transformations within me.  I hope you've had a productive year so far  🙂   Onwards to becoming even… Continue reading Wow… Hello!

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Fully Nurturing Your Heart, Body, and Soul

Good morning! It has been a long time since I last posted, reasons being, I have been going through major realignments and transformation! My beloved and I have cut the ribbon to our relationship, we are onto rediscovering our sense of Self, our focus/mission for living this life, and to reconnect with our passions. When… Continue reading Fully Nurturing Your Heart, Body, and Soul

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Opening the Heart, Illuminating YourSelf and All of Existence

Hi friends! Another posting up for any of you who resonate! I have created this guided meditation script to Open Your Heart and Illuminate YourSelf and All of Existence! We all know how powerful our hearts are. If you have heart Greg Bradden (from HeartMath) speak on the magnitude of the electromagnetic field, we all… Continue reading Opening the Heart, Illuminating YourSelf and All of Existence


On Unconditional Love

Love is the doorway to enlightenment. Raising vibrations within oneself comes from opening the heart. By loving all parts of yourself unconditionally, especially those "negative" qualities, thoughts, and feelings. If it is anger or doubt, love those emotions as much as you enjoy the feelings of joy and peace. Love all of what is considered… Continue reading On Unconditional Love