Thank You to all of the beautiful souls I have encountered on this journey.
I feel extremely blessed to have been a part of your healing and growth.
I appreciate you so very much.
Gratitude for your valuable feedback after the session(s), blog articles, and facebook.
I am deeply touched.
Thank you for welcoming me into Your Universe.
I bow to your courage to open up your heart to your healing.


“Maya is a great listener. I book calls with her once a week to center myself. I’m grateful for her coaching sessions. She has helped me overcome obstacles and walk the healing journey towards peace. Thank you Maya!” ~ Tanya S. (Oregon, USA)

“I can’t put into words how much I appreciate Maya. I had a lot of childhood traumas that needed healing but I didn’t know where to start. Maya has guided me to make peace with my past and move forward with all the great lessons from the healing process. I highly recommend Maya for her life coaching sessions.” ~ Serenity W. (Toronto, ON)

“She is truly bliss, love and light. I was going through a dark phase in my life and when I read Maya’s blog posts, I knew I had to contact her for some guidance. I have calls with her once a month and I always look forward to her graceful presence and powerful wisdom. Most of all, I really appreciate her listening to me when I need that the most.” ~ Samantha B. (Colorado, USA)

“She’s so sweet! I talk with her every two weeks just to stay on top of my inner world. I don’t have anyone around me who I can connect with so just talking to Maya I feel less alone. The world needs more people like Maya. You are awesome!” ~ Beatrice O. (Alabama, USA) 

“I have learned so much in the brief amount of time. She taught me about the power of aromatherapy. I feel empowered to make my own concoctions and home cleaning sprays. Thanks Maya!” ~ Jess. (Arkansas, USA)

“After I tried her guided meditation script at home, I felt effects right away. Thank you for your free offering and for suggesting I record myself. It’s a very different experience listening to myself in a meditation journey. Looking forward to more!” ~ Avery W. (Edmonton, Canada)


“Let me tell you, I was skeptical at first about this spiritual coaching.  I was new to this and hadn’t done much reading about it before but a friend of mine recommended Maya to me so I gave the free 30 mins a go.  She’s young but she’s wise beyond her years.  Not only that, she is very intuitive and has this peaceful demeanor that is contagious.  After 10 transformational sessions with her plus other healing work and aromatherapy blends, she became my go-to healer at least once a month.  I am a  completely different person.  My husband says I am beaming!  My two boys come to me for advice now!  I tell you, everything has changed in my life.  Thank you for everything.”  – Anne B (Vancouver, BC)

“Maya, What a beautiful soul you are! So open and willing to share any and everything. Truly blessed to have crossed paths with you and if I see you in another class better believe I will squeeze my way into getting a seat directly next to you my dear. Your energy is so full of love and light. Keep your light shining bright because you will heal and help people find their way home when they are lost. Much love to you my sweet soul sistarrr. Blessings to you and anything you touch you have nothing but success in your future I can’t wait to be a part of it. Blessings and Namaste.” Cate, CA.

“Now I can say confidently, ‘I used to have anxiety!’ I had endured it for too long including medications.  When the mind shifts from dark to light, everything changes inside and outside. Life is beautiful and I owe it to you. I always looked forward to our sessions together. Enjoy your backpacking trip! Certainly will miss you, Maya.”  – Ryan K (Vancouver, BC)

Maya, you are such an inspiration and I am so happy I had the privilege to cross paths with you! Your Light touches everyone you meet! Xoxo” (Tara, AZ)

We met through friends, and that day, I knew I had to get to know her. The wisdom behind her Eye(s) and words. Her carefully placed breaths. She will take you to another dimension (in the guided meditation sessions.  I had 3 one-on-one journeys with her in the park). She reminds You of the Oneness of the planet. And to notice the synchronicities that take place on a daily basis. She will bring you to your feet and remind you, you have wings to fly.” – Jolene (Seattle, WA)

Maya. thank you so much for your guidance. How lost and confused I’ve been. You may have saved my life. Wow! Thank you thank you thank you. My relationship with my girlfriend is so good now we are engaged and I’m not depressed anymore! I’ll miss you!” Peter M (from BC)

Maya’s psychic abilities are very accurate. Her tarot readings are accessed tuning into her Higher Self and Source. I enjoyed her loving energy, honesty, and enthusiasm. At first, I was weary because she is 24 years old and still new in the field of life coaching. However, her spirit is very wise, an old soul that has been around for many generations. That’s when I realized, it not age that determines wisdom, it’s the soul.  Maya brings light-heartedness, knowledge, and transformation all together to share her guidance in sessions.  I had 5 in total and now, I am able to create the life that I want, instead of allowing life to happen to me (victimhood0. If you haven’t experienced her sessions yet, I would highly advise it.”  – Karen (Tempe, AZ)

I am grateful for the strength and courage Maya has brought into my life. She encourages healing from deep within, to conquer fears, to overcome obstacles, to empower myself. Life has been changing very fast, every day, and it is thanks to the awareness Maya shed humbly and lovingly. Kudos”  Taylor F. (from Tempe, AZ)

“I had a total of five reiki sessions with you and I can say, every single time I felt immense relief.  You see, I have severe anxiety and PTSD.  The morning after your session, I feel like I can seize the day!  By the end of the five sessions plus the life coaching you gifted me after each session, I feel a sense of positivity and illumination to go deep within myself.  I looked at your website after we met in person.  Your writing is so sincere.  And in person, you are cute as a button yet a wise warrior.”  – Jordan W (from Vancouver, BC)

“You’re so cool! I don’t know people like you where I live – You opened my eyes to a new world! So nice to connect with somebody who is knowledgeable about ritual for self-love. I really thank you for sharing your light. This website is something that is necessary on the web and in all communities!” – C.R. ( from New Jersey)

A wise woman once told me, “if you close your eyes and you can see it in your mind’s eye, it is in your grasp”.  Maya, you showed me how I can turn my shadow self to become a warrior.  Instead of feeling like a victim and feeling bad for how my past was, I crawled out of the hole a brand new woman!  You taught me courage and how to become inspired by connecting with my inner-child.  You changed my life for the better.  I love you!”  – Sammy Love (from Oregon)


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