What is Reiki?

I have been approached with this question fairly frequently, and so I thought I’d explain as simply as possible:

The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: ”Rei” meaning Universal Spirit and “Ki” meaning Universal life force energy. In Reiki, hands are the channels for energy (ki) guided by the Universal Spirit (Rei). Mystics of all cultures speak of the physical universe being made of an underlying form of energy which is subject to or affected by thought.

(( sidenote:  My intuitive healing sessions involve exploring the emotions which may have been blocked, stagnant, and/or locked into the physical body, mental body, energetic body, and spiritual body (these are your energy fields). These emotions are often still lingering from childhood, past lives, therefore, you may have been repressing these energies for a long time! This guided process of awareness begins to release the blocks and stagnation of energy, that these emotions create in the energy fields all throughout the body. The physical body goes through a spontaneous transformation in energetic frequencies from the very first session. Through this spontaneous healing the subtle energy systems throughout, and in your aura, begin to clear away, as you let go subconsciously, and the resulting clarity is reflected in changes in behaviour and self-understanding. ))

Reiki is a flexible, ever-evolving form of healing, relaxation and personal development. Practicing Reiki helps bring about harmony in the body, leading to a deep sense of relaxation. As well as having this wonderfully calming affect on the healee, the person giving a Reiki treatment also receives the healing effect of the Universal energy that flows through them (also known as SMART energy: it Knows exactly where to direct, just for YOU).

This is said to be an intelligent energy in that it seems to know where to go for healing to take place and what is needed. It never does any harm. The energy does not come from the Reiki practitioner. The practitioner is a channel/conduit for the healing energy of the Universal Life Force/Source/Spirit/Divine/God.

Some benefits of Reiki include:

  • pain relief
  • a balancing of physical/mental/emotional and spiritual energies
  • enhanced personal awareness; reiki increases inner peace and mental clarity/emotional stability
  • improved creativity
  • suppressed feelings are released
  • a reduction of stress and tension
  • aids positive thinking
  • Reiki can therefore be used for many reasons including reducing stress or tension, relieving pain, headaches, back problems, respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems and more. Reiki should be used to compliment traditional medicine and not as an alternative.
Daniel Bholeman's "New Earth Dreamer"
Daniel Bholeman’s “New Earth Dreamer”

To find out more about these healing sessions, please feel free to contact me.

Eternal Bliss*Love*Light,

I am always happy to answer questions!

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