Transformational Coaching Sessions


Thank you for opening your heart to a life-changing coaching experience with me.  You came here today looking to make changes in your life and I want to help you!  Perhaps you are in search of ways to find deep-rooted healing.  Or you feel like is going okay but you want to find ways of becoming an even better version of yourself — not just on the outside world with success but with a deeper alignment within yourself!  You know that happiness, peace, and beauty comes from within, not from your external surroundings.  I know you’re here because you’re ready to make this big leap and make changes in your life!

For your first 30 minute one-on-one consultation is FREE !
This is a Discovery Call.
We will get to know one another.
You will see if you feel the push to keep working with me further.
** I am currently only taking 5 Discovery Calls a month,
Please book in advance as spaces fill up quickly **


1 hour Transformational Coaching session: $100 (every additional 30 minutes is $50)
2 hour Transformational Coaching session: $200


With every session, we will discuss anything that arises for you.
I will deeply listen to what your heart speaks.

3 one hour Transformational Coaching package: $250 (you save $50)

5 one hour Transformational Coaching package: $400 (you receive 1 session as a gift)

10 one hour Transformational Coaching package:
$800 (you receive 2 sessions as a gift)


All sessions are conducted via Skype
Once payment has been confirmed, I will send you an email with all the details.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Disclaimer: The great thing about online life coaching sessions is that you are in the comfort of your own home.  You will feel a smoother transition to incorporate your new perspectives and your freshness starting from your own home.  Sometimes, when one conducts sessions in the privacy of a coach’s office, there is a big separation between sacred office to the big external world.  With online sessions, this separation is non-existent and you can implement your transformation right away, altering the subtle energies from right where you are.  If you know that you feel more comfortable having in-person interaction, online sessions are not for you — But perhaps you’d be willing to give the 30 minute free consultation a try!  You never know what you get out of the short but sweet experience!